4 Attorney Bond Myths

hands handcuffed 4 attorney bond myths

In my last blog post, I discussed the differences between attorney bonds and traditional bail bonds. There are a lot of benefits to having your attorney act as your bondsman, but sadly, many attorney bond myths still persist.

Let’s take a look and some of these attorney bond myths and how you can take steps to strengthen your attorney/client relationship.


Myth #1: Bond attorneys won’t work as hard to defend me.

“A bond attorney will be quick to push me into a plea deal because they’re more interested in getting their money back than defending me. I’m afraid I’ll get stuck with a bad attorney.”

Just as in every other industry, the law profession has its share of bad apples. Some are more concerned with their record or getting paid than your defense.

However, thanks to the World Wide Web, an internet search on your potential legal counsel can give you all the information you need to know whether a lawyer is “in it for the money” or really cares about their clients. If an attorney holds millions of dollars of bail bonds and has a history of client complaints, that’s a good indication that you will not be represented well.

When hiring any professional, it’s best to do your due diligence before signing anything or handing over any funds. Hiring a lawyer is no exception.


Myth #2: Attorney bonds aren’t ethical.

“If my attorney also holds my bond, they might have information they can use against me. They might even withhold bad news about my case because they think I will become a fugitive and skip out on bail.”

All attorneys have ethical standards that must be adhered to in order to keep their license. Among these ethical standards is the reliance on open communication. Your attorney has the obligation to keep you fully informed of all aspects of your case and do his/her utmost to give you the best possible defense.

In my opinion, the thought of a decent attorney having a “conflict of interest” simply because they hold a client’s bond is laughable. Despite what the attorney bond myths would have you believe, you and your attorney have a mutual interest: winning your court case.


Myth #3: My attorney will revoke my bond if s/he thinks they won’t win my case.

Some people think that their attorney is only on their side if they think they can win their case; otherwise, they’ll just be thrown to the wolves.

But let’s think about this for a second. If your attorney has a suspicion that your case will not end in a “not guilty” verdict, why would s/he revoke your bond? Revoking your bail bond will result in you getting hauled back to jail. At this point, you will be back in the hands of the court and they will continue with their prosecution against you. This only makes it easier and quicker for you to be found “guilty” and held in jail for the rest of your sentence.

In fact, it will be even harder for your attorney to defend you after revoking your bond because your attorney/client relationship will likely be damaged beyond all repair.

When faced with a tough case, your attorney’s best move is to throw everything they have behind your defense. S/he can question the legality behind your traffic stop, the methods with which you were questioned, and extenuating circumstances that can cause an inaccurate blood alcohol level or failed sobriety test. A good DWI attorney will use their skills in the courtroom rather than lazy tactics like revoking your bond.


Myth #4: Bond attorneys will make my case more complicated.

Bail bonds can be difficult to understand, and Texas remains the only state in the country that allows an attorney to act as bondsman for a client. But that doesn’t mean the process has to be more complicated than working with a traditional bondsman.

Having a bond attorney actually helps streamline your case. Your attorney can secure your bond and have you released from jail more quickly than a bondsman and, in many cases, the fee for the bond counts toward your legal fees; you actually kill two birds with one stone. Your bond attorney can even work to get your bond lowered.


Don’t let these attorney bond myths keep you from calling a lawyer to get you released from jail. The DWI Dudes Attorney Sean R. Simpson & David P. Lamb are trained in all areas of DWI defense and they can assist in releasing you from jail 24/7.

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