47 Types of Nystagmus

47 types of nystagmus

The horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN) test is the eye test that police officers use to determine if you are intoxicated.  San Antonio DWI lawyer Jamie Balagia, at our law office have been trained in the administration and interpretation of the HGN as part of their Standardized Field Sobriety Test training.  The problem with the HGN test is that there are many forms of nystagmus, and police officers are not trained to tell the difference between the various types.  If you have been arrested for a DWI in Texas contact our office now for a free, confidential consultation.

  1. Acquired
  2. Anticipatory (Induced)
  3. Arthrokinetic (Induced, Somatosensory)
  4. Associated (Induced, Stransky’s)
  5. AudioKinetic (Induced)
  6. Bartel’s (Induced)
  7. Brun’s
  8. Centripetal
  9. Cervical (NeckTorsion, Vestibular-Obasilar, Artery Insufficiency)
  10. Circular/Elliptic/Oblique (Alternating Windmill, Circumduction, Diagonal, Elliptic, Gyratory, Oblique, Radiary)
  11. Congenital (Fixation, Hereditary)
  12. Convergence
  13. Convergence Invoked
  14. Disaccociated, Disjunctive
  15. Downbeat
  16. Drug Induced (Barbiturate, Bow Tie, Induced)
  17. Epileptic (Ictal)
  18. Flash Induced
  19. Gaze-Evoked (Deviational, Gaze-Paretic, Neurasthenic, Seducible, Setting-In)
  20. Horizontal
  21. Induced (Provoked)
  22. Intermittent Vertical
  23. Jerk
  24. Latent/Manifest Latent (Monocular Fixation, Unimacular)
  25. Lateral Medullary
  26. Lid
  27. Miner’s (Occupational)
  28. Muscle Paretic (Myasthenic)
  29. Optokinetic (Induced, Optomotor, Panoramic, Railway, Sigma)
  30. Optokinetic After-Induced (Post-Optokinetic, Reverse Post-Optokinetic)
  31. Pendular (Talantropia)
  32. Periodic/Aperiodic Alternating
  33. Physiologic (End-Point, Fatigue)
  34. Pursuit After Induced
  35. Pursuit Defect
  36. Pseudo Spontaneous
  37. Rebound
  38. Refelx (Baer’s)
  39. See-Saw
  40. Somatosensory
  41. Spontaneous
  42. Stepping Around
  43. Torsional
  44. Uniocular
  45. Upbeat
  46. Vertical
  47. Vestibular (Agotropic, Geotro-Pic, Bechterew’s, Caloric, Compensatory, Electrical/Faradic/Gal Vanic, Labyrinthine, Pneumatic/Compression, Positional/Alcohol, Pseudo Caloric)

The information for this list was obtained from Dr. L. F. Dell’Osso, Nystagmus, Saccadic Intrusions/Oscillations and Oscillopsia, 3 Current Neuro-Opthamology 147 (1989).

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