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If you are not familiar with the legal system you may be uncertain of how to find the right Austin DWI lawyer, or San Antonio DWI lawyer for your case. You should feel free to Ask A Lawyer any question about their skills and experience before you hire them. Here are some guidelines of what you should be looking at, and some specific questions you should ask:
1. Ask for their qualifications. All lawyers go to law school. What specialized training or experience do they have that make them qualified to be an Austin DWI lawyer, or San Antonio DWI lawyer?
2. Read their website in depth. Does it contain substance, or is it just one big advertisement?
3. Ask them how the breath machine you blew into functions? How does the infrared sensors convert your breath into a BAC number?
4. Ask them when the last time they performed studies on an Intoxilyzer 5000 Model 68EN (the machine Texas uses).
5. Ask them when the last time they took the Standardized Field Sobriety Practitioner course. Who taught that course? Was it someone with a Ph.D. in field sobriety testing? Or simply a former cop who took the government course? Have they ever taught such a course? How many times?
6. Ask them when the last time they took the Standardized Field Sobriety Instructor Course. Has it been in the last couple of years? The government makes changes to the SFST manual and teaching protocols. Even if they didn’t, you have to study this information in order to stay ahead of the police and prosecutors. Again, have they ever taught the course? How many times?
7. Ask them about the validation studies that were done to support the SFST’s. How many were done? Who peer reviewed these studies? Where were these studies published for peer review?
8. Ask them who Marceline Burns is, and why she is important to in the area of DWI law.
9. Ask them to identify the “clues” on the SFSTs and to explain the NHTSA position of the test results that you obtained.
10. Ask them to explain retrograde extrapolation, RFI interference, mouth alcohol, interferent alerts, the sample chambers function, the slope detector, and the filter wheel components of a DWI breath test.
If you have been charged with a driving while intoxicated case, you need an Austin DWI lawyer, or San Antonio DWI lawyer who is committed to obtaining the best and latest DWI defense education available, and to using that learning in your defense. Ask a lawyer the right questions to find the right lawyer. Contact us right now for a free, no obligation case review. We will answer all of these questions and any others you may have.

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