Can I Receive a Ticket for Jaywalking?

1.      “Jaywalking” is the illegal or reckless pedestrian crossing of a roadway.  Specifically, it refers to violations of pedestrian traffic regulations or laws and is therefore illegal, and YES an individual who violates these laws can receive a ticket if caught.

2.      Examples of such behavior is: a pedestrian crossing in the middle of a street between intersections without yielding to oncoming traffic; or beginning to cross at a crosswalk without waiting for the display of crossing signals authorizing such action; or the crossing of certain or major roadways without using an overpass or underpass that crosses the roadway.   For example, in Austin, a pedestrian may not cross several major roadways unless they are using an overpass or underpass.  Such roadways include, IH-35; Loop 1 (Mopac Expressway); U.S. Highway 290 (East)  From I-H35 to the east City Limits or U.S. Highway 183 (Ed Bluestein Boulevard) from U.S. Highway 290 (East) to Farm Road 969 (Webberville Road).  See, City of Austin Municipal Code, §12-1-26, Pedestrians On Certain Roadways.

3.      Jaywalking accidents or what is known as “auto-pedestrian accidents” are generally recognized as an urban traffic safety problem, and in Austin such accidents have been on the rise. For example, according to the Austin-American Statesman, “there has been a significant rise in auto-pedestrian accidents with 28 fatalities in 2012.” See,Austin-American Statesman, posted Monday, November 19, 2012.  “Most of these occurred at night, and more than half entered roadways away from intersections or where crossing is prohibited.” See Id. “Two-thirds of the pedestrians were struck while on or adjacent to local streets, and the rest killed along I-35 or other high-speed roadways.” See Id.

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