Corrupt Chemist

Corruption in the judicial system is widespread. From cops to judges to prosecutors to lab analysts and chemists, like Annie Dookhan.  Another chemist whose tampering with evidence will result in many convictions being overturned and costing close to 100 million dollars.

    The problem here is that Dookhan was supposed to be an independent witness, a state chemist analyzing drug evidence for the court. But a paper trial of emails have revealed she was anything but an independent witness because she had very close ties with prosecutors in Norfolk County.

    Dookhan, arraigned Thursday on 15 counts of altering drug evidence and obstructing justice, viewed herself as part of the prosecution team, the ­e-mails show. She coached ­assistant district attorneys on trial strategy and told one that her goal was “getting [drug dealers] off the streets.”

    159 drug case defendants have already been released with any more expected because Dookhan has admitted altering and mishandling of evidence but the collection of more than 1,000 e-mails are raising more concern about the reliability of any of Dookhan’s work in the 34,000 drug cases she handled since 2003 at the state drug lab in Jamaica Plain.


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