What Do You Do If There is a Warrant For Your Arrest?

I’ll answer this one in reverse. Yes, you absolutely need an attorney if you have a warrant for your arrest. Luckily for you, if you have a warrant that means you aren’t in jail so you can prepare to handle the warrant before you get arrested. That also means your first call should be The DWI Dude, Jamie Balagia. We can be reached in San Antonio at 210.394.3833 and Austin at 512.278.0935.

A judge or other magistrate usually issues arrest and search warrants in Texas. Judges in Texas are elected while magistrates typically are appointed and have a limited purpose. A good example of the limited purpose is the magistrate in the jail who reads a person their rights after being arrested and sets their bail. Warrants are only given by a judge or magistrate after a police officer who wants a warrant signs an affidavit (a sworn written statement) stating the grounds for the arrest or search warrant sought. After reviewing the warrant affidavit the magistrate will sign the warrant or sometimes ask the officer to provide more information. Very seldom does a magistrate refuse to sign a warrant but it does happen from time to time. Certain warrants may be challenged (in court proceedings) by challenging the affidavit or the truthfulness of the information used in making the sworn statement. Many warrant affidavits include information provided by snitches and that is always an area of attack for a suppression hearing.

An attorney, once hired, may be able to lower your bond amount (in most cases, not in all, a bond will be set by the judge issuing the warrant). Lowering the bond amount will save you money no matter which way you decide to post a bond. See our article on what the difference is between an attorney bond, surety bond, and PR bond for more information. Second, instead of going to the jail and waiting for hours to be released, especially in Bexar County, your attorney can guide you through the “walk through” process or at least pilot your course through jail to make the booking in and out of jail as seamless as possible. A “walk through” is procedure that allows for someone to turn themselves into the sheriff’s office at the courthouse and get booked and released quickly. This avoids a trip to the County Jail and the regular lengthy booking procedures.

Hiring our firm as your attorney, even if we are not posting your bond, will help you to hit the ground running in defending your charge. You will not have to wait needless hours to get out of jail to help us work on your case. The process will have already started. Things like when your first court date is, reviewing your case, etc., will all be done by the time you need to appear in court. Hiring The Dude, Jamie Balagia to guide you through the process of getting the warrant handled will help you meet the train – not be run over by it.


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