Don’t Ignore Your Old Traffic Tickets

My license is suspended due to traffic tickets, How can I get a valid license?

Don’t ignore your old traffic tickets.

Unfortunately, Texas DPS is suspending more drivers’ licenses than ever before. The Failure to Appear/Failure to Pay Program encourages small municipalities and JP Courts throughout the state to report unpaid tickets to DPS. Once courts send your info to DPS, DPS will suspend your license until those tickets are taken care of.  In addition to fines and fees, a warrant for your arrest may also be issued when you fail to appear in court for your ticket.

DPS notifies drivers of old tickets and suspensions through the mail. If you no longer live at the address on your license, you will not receive the notice of suspension. Update your information with DPS to ensure you receive their correspondence. If your license is suspended and you are not aware, the consequences are serious. If you are pulled over by an officer and your license is suspended, he or she can arrest you for a Class B misdemeanor, Driving While License Invalid.

If your license is suspended now, pursuing an “ODL” or Occupational Driver’s License will get you driving legally. (See our blog on Occupational Licenses and the Required SR-22 Insurance Policy here). ODLs won’t last forever though and those old tickets need to be handled!

Check out this page for some more information on an SR-22 insurance certificate.

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