Driving While Intoxicated (DWI in Texas)

Driving while intoxicated is becoming a political crime. If we continue on the same path, there will be soon be a zero tolerance attitude towards alcohol and driving. Several years ago, the federal government told the states to set their DWI limits at .08 or they would lose federal highway money. Because of this and pressure from advocacy groups, the states abided and it has become the law of the land. In addition to the new limits, Texas has elevated the punishments for DWI in Texas. And all of this with no new scientific or medical research that justifies any of these enhanced changes.

There have been recent national media campaigns saying, “You drink, you drive, you go to jail” and “Buzzed driving is drunk driving.” Your tax dollars pay for these ads and they become ingrained in people’s and potential juror’s minds. However, they are not correct statements of the law. If a lie is repeated often enough without being challenged, it is accepted as being true. This is a form of brainwashing and jury manipulation.

DWI in Texas


The police have become indoctrinated by these campaigns and if you are stopped for any reason while driving and have an odor of an alcoholic beverage on your breath or in your car, chances are you will go to jail. This is NOT what the law states, but this is what happens in most cases. In fact, the head of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) has been quoted saying if you are stopped and smell of alcohol, you will be arrested! Arrested for smelling like alcohol? This is a perverse injustice.

Knowing the risks you face, it is in your best interest to have a good understanding of the laws for DWI in Texas (Click here for more things you should know about DWI in Texas). However, this is not a legal treatise and should not be relied upon as legal authority. This book is purposely written in everyday language so you can quickly use the information in a practical manner and make informed decisions.

This is not intended as a do-it-yourself manual. There is just enough information here that may allow you to be dangerous to yourself.  So as they say, “Don’t try this at home”. There is no substitute for having a competent, experienced and well trained DWI attorney representing you if you are charged with an alcohol offense.

As you will see, we have invested countless hours traveling throughout the United States to train in every aspect of DWI defense. We are on the leading edge of DWI defense in Texas and have compiled this information to educate you.

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