DUI vs. DWI in Texas (The DWI Fight)

The DWI Fight

Our San Antonio, TX DWI lawyers, and Austin, TX DWI lawyers have the ability and drive to fight the good fight and do everything within our power to win your case.  We defend the case from every angle beginning with the probable cause of the initial traffic stop, to the field sobriety tests (if any, including breath test evidence) to all statements and other forms of evidence that can be used against you. We don’t give up on any point of the case, we fight the driver’s license suspension, we get an occupational license (if necessary) and we are prepared to appeal any wrongful decision rendered by the courts.

Do You Have a Case Worth Fighting?

Because of the severity of a DWI conviction, every case is worth fighting. The conditions attached to a period of probation and the costs of associated classes can be expensive and time consuming. The DPS surcharge on a DWI conviction is a minimum of $1000.00 a year for a three year period ($2000.00 per year if a breath test over .16 is involved).

In addition, you can expect drastic increases in your automobile insurance, health insurance and life insurance. A DWI conviction can cause employment problems or elimination from desired job opportunities. There is no DWI case that is a guaranteed winner or loser for either side.

What happens if I fight?

You are standing up for your right to a trial guaranteed by the United States and Texas Constitutions. Once hired, our San Antonio, TX DWI lawyers, and Austin, TX DWI lawyers begin an intensive review of your case. We research the law that impacts the specifics of your case and begin constructing a complete analysis of defenses that will assist us in pulling you out of the fire.

We have a team of expert witnesses who can be utilized to win the most “un-winnable” cases. Any damage that we can do to the State’s case at this point, will result in one of these few positive outcomes: a reduction in the offense (avoiding a DWI conviction), a “Not Guilty” verdict, or a dismissal of the case altogether.

The Godfather Offer – “Make Us An Offer We Can’t Refuse”

Sometimes a case is resolved through a plea to what we consider a “lesser” offense such as reckless driving, obstructing a passageway or roadway, or some other offense that is too good to turn down (for your personal situation). It is also possible in rare cases to get a class C plea or a deferred prosecution (informal probation with no conviction).

Make no mistake about it – there is a war on Drunk Driving and you do not want to become another casualty by picking the wrong San Antonio, TX DWI lawyer, or Austin, TX DWI lawyer to fight for you.  And as you may be very aware of by now, innocent Americans are being arrested and charged with DWI every night and day in Texas. I cannot begin to describe the number of clients we represent that were absolutely NOT intoxicated when they were arrested and charged with DWI. This happens in every jurisdiction where we practice.

Think about how the so-called “field sobriety tests” are designed for failure. When would you normally walk heel to toe for nine steps and then back again. Were you asked to stand on one leg and count to thirty when you took your Drivers License test? How do these agility exercises show your normal ability to drive? What allowances are made for your individual problems with coordination, fatigue, physical or medical issues, allergies, illness or just being unprepared. Why aren’t you allowed to practice, even just once before you try exercises they have done hundreds of times?

When you consider the amount of money the State of Texas and the various Law Enforcement agencies have at their disposal to spend in this war, it is staggering. Consider that prosecutors and judges attend the same seminars that spread the propaganda of MADD and other “victims” groups. They work in the same courtrooms together and get to know each others ways. They develop an attitude of “us versus them” and you are “them”.

No San Antonio, TX DWI lawyer, or Austin, TX DWI lawyer can guarantee you a win.  If they did they would face disciplinary action from the Texas Bar Association.  We will, however, promise you this – we will fight diligently, intelligently, and tirelessly to win your case.  Contact us right now for a free case evaluation.  You’ll be glad you did.

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