Renowned DWI Defense Attorney’s Endorsements

“There is no question, Jamie Balagia stands out among lawyers. Not only does his physical presence demand attention in the courtroom, but his heart is true and he is champion for justice. 

His objective is to level the playing field and to be the resounding voice for those whose voices have been silenced or muffled. Jamie is a fierce advocate and will not back down from a fight, a legal fight that is. Jamie’s clients can depend on him giving 110% for their protection and benefit. 

I am a lawyer and if ever I need a criminal defense attorney, Jamie would be first on my list to call!” 

Victoria Broussard, Family Lawyer in Austin, Texas


“I thoroughly endorse Mr. Balagia. Over the years I have been impressed with the depth of his legal knowledge and his ability to relate it to individuals feeling the stress of legal trouble. Anyone needing a knowledgeable, skilled attorney could do no better.”

John Yetter , St Charles (IL), Fellow lawyer in community


“I am very happy to endorse Jamie Balagia as a true expert and attorney in DWI defense. Unfortunately, what many people facing a DWI don’t know is that there are literally hundreds of attorneys in any metro area who willhandle their DWI. However, maybe only a handful of these attorneys truly know how to defend these complex scientific cases. If you submitted to a blood test, breath test or even standardized field sobriety tests, then you need an attorney who has years of formal training and experience defending these complex cases. Hiring anyone else is usually a recipe for losing. I have known Jamie for about seven years, and I can assure you he is one of those few attorneys who has a complete understanding of the science necessary to challenge these cases successfully.”

Christopher H. Cessna, Attorney at Law Denver, CO


“Jamie Balagia is one of the best DWI defense lawyers anywhere. His experience as a police officer helps him to know when the police make mistakes. He is a fighter who fights hard to get the best possible result for all of his clients and is up on all latest techniques for prosecution and defense of DWI cases. If you are in need of representation for a criminal or DWI charge, I highly recommend him.”

Leonard Stamm , Greenbelt (MD)


“Jamie Balagia is a top notch DWI and criminal defense lawyer. Jamie is nationally known as “The DWI Dude” for good reason. He is zealous fighter and a good friend. I have recommended clients who get accused of DWI and other crimes in Texas to Attorney Jamie Balagia and I will continue to do so in the future. I highly recommend him.”

Mark Stevens , Salem (NH)


“As DWI defense lawyers we are problem solvers asked to help solve some of our client’s most difficult life issues. James excels at this but also excels in the courtroom. He is a great lawyer because he will explain the DWI defense process to you in its tedious detail, he can actually persuade a jury when the facts of your case are ambiguous, and he has proven himself in the courtroom so that no opposition would dare risk a trial with him. Any client unlucky enough to be arrested for DWI in Central Texas can turn that luck around by hiring Jamie Balagia, the DWI Dude!”

Patrick Barone, Birmingham (MI)


“Jamie Balagia is among the finest DWI lawyers in the entire country. He is a man of character, integrity and great skill when it comes to doing battle in the courtroom. I met Jamie while we were both receiving training in breath testing. Since then I have seen him at many high level national DWI seminars. Jamie is one of those guys can take over room with his personality when he walks in. This is a useful quality when you earn your living in a courtroom.”

Robert Leonard , Marietta (GA)


“I am extremely proud to endorse Jamie Balagia. He has been my teacher and mentor. It is fair to say that everything I have learned about practicing criminal defense I learned from this brilliant and tactical attorney. In the past four years under his watch, I have seen Jamie get “Not Guilty” verdicts in jury trials no other attorney would dream of taking to trial. Indeed, many of our clients have come to us when their previous lawyers told them all hope was lost. He has inspired me to be courageous in the courtroom, as well as any other attorney who has the privilege to watch him work. When you hire Jamie Balagia to defend you, you afford yourself the opportunity to clear your name. Any lawyer can plead you guilty to DWI, rare is the advocate who demands justice in the face of overzealous prosecutors and biased magistrates. It is my belief that if Jamie cannot help you win your case, no other DWI attorney in Texas can.”

William Mitchell , Manor (TX)


“Jamie Balagia is a lawyer’s lawyer. He has been blessed with equal parts intelligence, compassion and common sense. What sets Jamie apart from the other local attorneys is the breadth and width of the knowledge he possesses when attacking a drunk driving case on behalf of a citizen wrongly accused. He brings to the table an amazing background in the DUIDWI arena, along with a state of the art understanding of how to attack the Government’s case, including breath and blood tests. As Maine’s State Delegate to the National College for DUI Defense, I have been honored to attend the national seminars with Jamie and consult with him on various cases. He is a true American, who defends the Constitution, fights for his clients, and brings honor to the Lone Star State. If I’m a citizen charged with DUIDWI in Texas, I prepare to fight the Government’s case. That fight starts by hiring Jamie Balagia.”

John Webb , Saco (ME)


“I know of no other attorney that has the zealous passion for representing their clients like Jamie. Jamie’s background and life experiences gives him the ability to detect police misconduct and also relate to a jury in away where they understand his client. You can’t go wrong in Austin to San Antonio with the DWI Dude.”

John Hunsucker , Oklahoma City (OK)


“Out of all the lawyers I know, Jamie is by far the most zealous advocate among them. He has a drive that is unique and will never, never give up on his clients. He loves the courtroom and excels there. Although he has an impressive knowledge base, he continually attends the national conferences to improve his ability to defend his clients… Jamie previously worked as a police officer and delights in uncovering their errors. Make no mistake–there is only one DWI DUDE.”

Bruce Edge , Tulsa (OK)


“I have known Jamie for more than five years now since meeting him at a NCDD seminar. Jamie is known for his cutting edge no nonsense defense of his clients. Jamie is sought out not only in Texas but also from attorney’s across the country as someone to go to with a problem in Texas.”

Edward Ryan , Nashville (TN)


“Jamie is a dedicated and hardworking professional with a national reputation for defending those charged with DWI offenses. His dedication to understanding both the law and the science is vital to the defense in these cases. Jamie will fight for you with everything in him and his trial skills mean that you cannot hire anyone better to defend you in the Austin/San Antonio area.”

R Scott Joye , Murrells Inlet (SC)


“There are thousands and thousands of attorneys nationwide. Out of all of them there is only one “DWI Dude.” If I were hired to write a dictionary definition or encyclopedia article on “zealous defender” or “tireless fighter” I simply could not do so without writing about Jamie Balagia, the DWI Dude. Folks, this guys is hands down one of the best defenders I know. Like all good fighters, Jamie has superior weapons. Jamie’s weapon is his knowledge about the science behind DWI prosecutions. I have attended several highly technical training events with Jamie. There are attorneys who attend these events and don’t understand it. Jamie is not one of those attorneys. Jamie brings a deep understanding of law and science with him to the courtroom when you hire him to be your defender. It is easy to recommend Jamie to anyone that needs a fighter when it seems like all the world is against them. Trust me, you need Jamie by your side.”

Josh Lee , Vinita (OK)


“Jamie is DWI lawyer with a national reputation. He knows and understands the law and science behind DWI cases. If you are charged with a drunk driving offense, you will be comfortable and satisfied with Jamie’s representation.”

William Maze , Dearborn (MI)


“Why is he called the DWI Dude? Because if you are charged with a DWI in Austin or San Antonio there is only one dude to call: Jamie Balagia. I first met Jamie a number of years ago at a Field Sobriety Testing course. His expertise in DWI defense was immediately apparent. Few DWI defense attorneys have the knowledge and perspective of being a former police officer like Jamie. Few if any devote the time and energy into expanding their knowledge of the law and science of DWI defense in the same way that the DWI Dude does. Likewise, Jamie’s trial skills are second to none. There are few DWI defense attorneys in this country that I recommend as highly as I recommend Jamie. I have every confidence in him, and endorse him without hesitation.”

John Thurston , Manhattan (KS)


“Jamie is a no-nonsense, hardworking DWI lawyer who can get the job done. If arrested, call Jamie now!”

Donald Ramsell , Wheaton (IL)


“Having been a member of the National College for DUI Defense for over 10 years now, as a lifetime member and annual attendee of two to three national DWI defense seminars, I have been privileged with getting to know many of our nation’s finest DWI defense attorneys. Jamie Balagia undeniably rests amongst this group. Not only is he considered by all of his peers to be one of the finest DWI defense attorneys in the state of Texas but one of the finest in the nation. His combination of experience, training and talent is matched by very few. -not to mention a truly caring and gracious professional to all that come to him for help. In short, Jamie is one of the most gifted and respected attorneys in America. The fact he’s a dear friend is but a bonus. To say I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone in need anywhere in the entire state of Texas would indeed be an understatement!”

Harley Wagner , Martinsburg (WV)


“I have known Jamie both personally and professionally for many years. Jamie and I have been too many national DWI training programs ranging from field sobriety testing to breath and blood classes. Simply put Jamie is a fearless fighter for his client. He never backs down, never gives up in the courtroom. Probably more important than being a great fighter for his clients is the fact that Jamie cares about those he represents. He often gives me ideas and advice on how to better represent my clients. Jamie is a great lawyer but more importantly a great person who I trust without hesitation. He fights the Voodoo science of field sobriety and breath testing with a common sense approach that works. I’m a better lawyer because of Jamie Balagia.”

Stephen Hamilton , Lubbock (TX)


“Jamie is one of the best attorneys in the country, not just Texas. He knows the scientific aspects of a DWI case and he genuinely cares about his clients. Jamie is one of the first attorneys I met after joining the National College for DUI Defense, and has been a friend for all of those 5 years. If there is a question I have about Texas DWI law, Jamie is the first person I call. He should be the first person you call too if you have been accused of DWI in Texas. He simply is THE DWI Dude!”

Jason Glass, Clarksburg (WV)


“Jamie Balagia is one of a handful of go-to DWI lawyers when it comes to the state of Texas. His style, his drive, his commitment to his clients’ rights are second to none. Jamie’s approach to defending a DWI case is outstanding, and his confidence alone is often enough to make the other side nervously and wait for the other shoe to drop. In his area of Texas, there’s no better defense than the DWI Dude!”

Todd La Neve , Clarksburg (WV)


“Jamie knows the law and he cares about his clients. Jamie is a former police officer so he knows how the system works from the law enforcement side. He has also made himself a master of the science of DWI/ DUI prosecutions. Jamie knows the breath machines; Jamie knows blood. Jamie has made himself the “go to” guy in his areas of Texas. I give Jamie my highest endorsement.”

Robert Keefer, Harrisonburg (VA)


“Jamie is a nationally-recognized expert in the defense of DWI cases. His unique blend of experience as a trial lawyer and a former police officer, combined with his dedicated study of forensic science and fake “police science” make him one of the very best DWI defenders in America.”

Michael Kessler , Fort Pierce (FL)


“Jamie is a great lawyer and a fearless defender of the Constitutional rights of his clients. I would highly recommend him.”

Deandra Grant , Plano (TX)


“Jamie is recognized as outstanding by DWI attorneys around the country. Combining years of experience as both a law enforcement officer and attorney with a commitment to mastering the forensic intricacies necessarily associated with a charge of DWI makes him not only a first rate attorney but a nightmare for prosecutors anywhere. I recommend Jamie without hesitation.”

Theodore Vosk , Kirkland (WA)


“Jamie is a great trial lawyer. He is a fearless competitor who works very hard to be the most skilled at this craft in the courtroom and is respected by prosecutors and Judges alike. He has a great rapport with people and juries and cares about his clients–and it shows. Jamie has shared many great ideas with us all on the National College for DUI defense and is very well respected in the legal community.”

Sharon Curtis , McKinney (TX)


“Jamie isn’t called the DWI Dude just because it is a catchy name. He brings a wealth of knowledge, coupled with superior knowledge about the junk science used in DWI prosecutions, to get outstanding results for his clients. He is a tenacious litigator, and in those frequent cases where the government persists in litigating against his clients, he is always ready for trial!”

Scott Wonder , Bellevue (WA)


“Jamie is a man of the highest integrity, education, skill and experience. More than that, he has unsurpassed passion for the defense of his clients. You cannot go wrong with Jamie Balagia, the DWI Dude.”

Andrew Mishlove , Glendale (WI)


“Jamie Balagia is simply one of the best DWI attorneys in the country. He is well known among all of the lawyers who have written the primary reference books on the subject. I know him from his active participation in the National College for DUI Defense. He consistently displays the knowledge and commitment which has made me a much better lawyer simply from listening to him. I would recommend him without qualification, and would send a loved one to him without reservation.”

Thomas Hudson , Sarasota (FL)


“Without question I endorse Attorney Balagia’s work. Hands down, one of the greatest DWI attorneys in the great state of Texas. Anyone living in the Austin or San Antonio area should consider themselves lucky to have a fighter like Jamie literally right in their back yard waiting to defend them.”

Shawn Dorward , Harrisburg (PA)


“I had the privilege of meeting Attorney Balagia at a recent Forensic Blood and Urine testing seminar. His dedication and commitment to the highly technical scientific aspect of DWI defense, combined with his extensive experience in law enforcement make him an easy recommendation. I would not hesitate to recommend Attorney Jamie Balagia to any family member or friend in need of the very best legal representation in the State of Texas.”

David Hoover , Harrisburg (PA)


“Attorney Balagia truly is the “DWI Dude”. He is a fierce litigator that leaves no stone unturned. Additionally, he is among the most educated DWI attorneys in the country. As a former police officer, he is knows how to attack the State’s Case. I would recommend him to anyone charged with DWI in Texas.”

Timothy Barrouk , Harrisburg (PA)


“Some people call him the DWI Dude. Yet others (prosecutors) call him an acquittal machine. He is a force to be reckoned with. He is the type of man and attorney who will do all that is ethically possible to gain that acquittal. All of his training, his vast knowledge and experience have made him the perfect and only choice to defend you. He has got what it takes. That is why I so easily endorse him.”

Justin McShane , Harrisburg (PA)


“I endorse this lawyer’s work. Jamie is one of the nations great DWI attorneys. He is “The DWI Dude”. I know that he fights for his clients, and they get the best possible result from his efforts. No cop or prosecutor will ever get an upper hand over Jamie.”

Darryl Genis , Santa Barbara (CA)


‘Jamie is known as THE DUDE with good reason. He is a DWI warrior with a lethal combination of down-to-earth realism and experience. His background as a law enforcement officer also gives him an edge in investigating his client’s cases and cross examining other law enforcement officers.”

Karyn Missimer , Elkhorn (WI)


“I have known Jamie and his work for several years as a fellow member of the National College for DUI Defense. Jamie’s background as a former police officer gives him insight into how the other side thinks and acts. He understands the inner workings of the court system. This is a huge advantage for his clients.”

Gary Pirosko , Denver (CO)


“I endorse this lawyer’s work and he knows DWI for all of the Austin and San Antonio, Texas area – Balagia is the DWI Dude and is well known for his advocacy and litigation skills getting the best results for clients. You should take a closer look at this DWI attorney as he will work for clients and their attorneys in seeking the deserved outcome.”

Joshua Dale , San Francisco (CA)

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