Jerome Simpson in the Police Spotlight

Another NFL player finds himself in the police spotlight for DWI.  Jerome Simpson of the Minnesota Vikings was arrested on charges of suspicion of drunk driving in the early morning hours on  November 9, 2013.  While he has made a public apology to his team, it is not decided whether he will be able to play this weekend.

Simpson is currently on probation for drug charges and was suspended at the beginning of the season for that misconduct.  These new charges will surely carry consequences as well.  According to the police report, Simpson was arrested failing a field sobriety test. He said he was coming from the Pour House, a bar in downtown Minneapolis, and had slurred speech and blurry eyes.  Simpson denied having been drinking and refused a breath test at the Hennepin County jail.

Even though the police officer probably asked Simpson where he was coming from, where he was going and had he been drinking,  those are all questions that he didn’t have to answer.  The officer was using the information to build a case against him.  Did you know that you have the right to refuse to answer those types of questions?  Before you get pulled over, (right now would be a good time you should read “What to Do If You Are Pulled Over” to educate yourself and learn a few of your rights if you are in that predicament.  Many times, you can avoid incriminating yourself if you just knew better.  When you know better, you do better.  While we wouldn’t advise submitting to the field sobriety tests, at least Jerome Simpson refused the breath test.  The fact that he failed the field sobriety test can be attributed to many different things, even being sleepy.  Without the breath test or any blood test, and the fact he did not admit to drinking alcohol he stands a fighting chance in court.  He made it easier on his attorney.

Unfortunately, many citizens fall for the police lies and tricks and when that happens, you need to have an attorney who knows the law. You need a skilled attorney that will make sure the police followed all procedures, has DWI trial victories and will fight for your future and freedom.  In short, you need Austin DWI Attorney, Sean Simpson.

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