What Are Juries Like in Williamson County for Misdemeanors?

What Are Juries Like in Williamson County for Misdemeanors?

I was listening to a couple of Williamson County Defense Attorneys talking about how tough the juries are in Williamson County and I had to speak up and disagree with them. I have found over the past 15 years that when it comes to misdemeanor DWI trials, I love Williamson County Juries and Jury Trials. It’s not the same for Felony DWI trials because all the jurors know that there are at least two prior convictions in Felony DWI cases.

During Voir Dire (Jury selection), I ask the potential jurors “How many of you have had at least one drink and then driven home in the past six months?” Usually at least 75% of the panel raises their hands. Then, we discuss how “Drink, Drive, Go To Jail” is not the law and it is merely a government word spin that amounts to propaganda. It is another way of tricking the public. The panel members are not shy about trashing this slogan and many members admit that they thought it actually was the law.

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Once you get them examining the truth versus government lies, you are well on the way to picking an intelligent jury. The judges generally stay out of this fight because they know that I am telling the truth and the jury panel is agreeing with me. The main point I am trying to make is that if you can get the truth in front of reasonable people, they don’t just mindlessly follow the government lawyer’s lead.

If you talk to a lawyer about a Williamson County DWI and they try to scare you with all that “tough on crime” garbage you need to “call The Dude” and let us give you the truth about what your case really looks like. Learn your rights. I also recommend that you download our APP “DWI Dude” on your smart device and learn how to use it to help you stay out of jail.



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