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DWI In Texas

There’s a lot about getting a DWI conviction that you may not realize. A DWI conviction in Texas is not a “simple charge” and it can have a huge impact on your life and cost you in ways that you may not be aware of. Jail time, loss of your driver’s license, higher automobile insurance premiums, loss of your job, eviction from housing, and bad credit ratings are a few of the problems that can result from a DWI.

DWI Conviction and Driving

Losing your ability to drive your car is bad enough, but that isn’t the only thing that comes with the loss of your driver’s license. Without a driver’s license you will have difficulty cashing a check, opening a bank account, getting car insurance and renting a hotel room, boarding an airplane, to name a few. Getting a DUI or a DWI is a big deal and cost you both monetarily and otherwise. Not only will you have to pay a fine, but your health and other insurance costs may go up and you will pay in many other ways for years to come. Bottom line: getting a DWI conviction is costly in more ways than one. It is not fun to spend your next year’s vacation time sitting in a courtroom waiting for yet another reset.

what a dwi conviction in Texas can do to you

In addition to the monetary and life changing consequences of a DWI conviction in Texas, going to court for a DWI charge is stressful and complicated in itself. DWI trials are complex and many of the same systems that apply to other types of trials don’t apply DWI cases. In fact, a judge recently said ‘A DWI case is one of the most difficult cases to try, more difficult than most murder cases.”

Just because you get arrested for a DWI, doesn’t mean you’re guilty. A good lawyer knows this and will investigate your case and fight to defend you. There’s a lot of stigma surrounding a DWI conviction and causes deep financial and social stress, but you shouldn’t be convicted unless your blood alcohol level actually exceeds the level set by the state and is valid and scientific. Make sure your lawyer has a deep understanding of the laws in your state surroundings DWI’s and track record of winning.

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