Mobile Eyes On Drivers

The residents of Palm Beach County, Fla. have a monetary incentive to notify police of drunk driving suspects.  It’s called the Mobile Eyes program.  People are rewarded $100 for reporting drunk drivers.

    The program was actually started in 2001 but there has been a decrease in the number of reports lately, probably because citizens forgot or don’t know it exists.  Police report that deaths associated with drunk divers are on the decline too.  How can police rely on citizens to accurately and fairly report drunk drivers?  How can a citizen “know” that a person is drunk while they are driving?

    The police are not allowed to sit outside a bar and just pull over a person they saw walk out of a bar, but another bar patron could notify police about someone that walks out of a bar and gets behind the wheel.  A person with road rage could call the police and say that the person who wouldn’t speed up in front of them is driving drunk.  An angry girlfriend could call police and say the boyfirned she just finished arguing with jst took off and is drunk.

    The police are there to observe and investigate, but this program is asking citizens to do police work.  What do you think about this program? Do you think this is an effective way to keep people from driving drunk?

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