Occupational Driver’s License

Texas Occupational License

If your Texas driver’s license has been suspended because of a DWI, you may qualify for a Texas occupational license.  This license will permit you to do some driving during the time your license is suspended as long as you follow certain rules.  Here you will learn what you need to know to file for and obtain a Texas occupational license.  Contact us right now for help from one of our Austin DWI lawyers, or San Antonio DWI lawyers in obtaining this license.

If your driver’s license has been suspended because of a DWI in Texas arrest you may qualify for an occupational driver’s license.  This license will limit the number of hours you may drive, as well as where and when you may drive.  In order to file for your Texas occupational license we need the following:

1             A certified copy of your complete driver’s license record/history (Type 3A-Certified)–you can obtain this from DPS on-line. If you have any previous arrests, convictions, ODL’s, license suspensions, etc., you must provide us with a Certified Abstract of Driving Record (“AOR”). Please allow for 14 days to receive your driving record from DPS. (“AOR”).

2            Copy of your SR-22 insurance, which you must obtain from an insurance company (contact your Paralegal if you need suggestions on an insurance company that can provide an SR-22)

3            SR-37 Occupational License Info Sheet (Bexar County cases only)

4            Signed Verification Form (your Paralegal will provide to you)

5             If your employer is aware of the situation and you must drive as part of your employment, you will need to provide a letter from your employer (on their letterhead) stating your position there and the hours you need to drive for employment reasons OR

6            A letter from you stating reasons that you are petitioning for an occupational driver’s license (ex: to drive to/from work, to/from school, and state your typical activities or schedule that requires you to drive). Also, please state your preferred driving times (ex: 7am-7pm; not to exceed 12 hours) and the main county/counties you will need to drive in.  In addition, please state your employer’s address and your position with that company.

7             The filing fee to this law firm for filing fees payable to the clerk of the court of your county. These fees are subject to change and are separate from your legal fees. These fees vary from county to county so please contact your paralegal for the correct amount.

8            Once the ODL has been signed by the Judge it needs to be filed with DPS before it is valid. A reinstatement fee of $125.00 and ODL filing fee of $10.00 needs to be paid to DPS upon filing your ODL. These fees payable to DPS are separate from your legal fees.

If your driver’s license has been suspended because of a DWI in Texas you may not drive until either your period of suspension has passed and you have completed all of the steps necessary to be reinstated, or you have been granted a Texas occupational license and have complied with all of the requirements of that license.  Contact one of our Austin DWI lawyers, or San Antonio DWI lawyers as soon as possible so we begin gathering the information necessary to file the proper paperwork with the court.  Until your occupational license has been issued you will get a charge of driving with a suspended license if you are stopped by the police.  This may jeopardize your ability to get an occupational license.

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