What Do I Do If I Receive a Notice of Suspension Letter from DPS?

What Do I Do If My License is Suspended? 

If you receive a Notice of Suspension letter from the Department of Public Safety, it is important to act quickly. The notice will lay out the reason why DPS is planning to suspend your license and will state that your license will be suspended from date X to date Y if you do not request a hearing. You should always request a hearing. If you do nothing, the suspension will go into effect automatically. You have 20 days from the date on the notice to request a hearing to contest the suspension. You do that simply by faxing or sending a request to DPS. Fax is the preferred method for requesting the hearing, since you’ll have a confirmation as proof that you made the request.

Even if the reason that DPS is seeking to suspend your license appears valid, you should request a hearing. When you make the request for a hearing, the suspension gets put on hold. You can represent yourself at the hearing, but hiring an attorney to handle the hearing for you is often a good idea. A great idea is to hire our firm as we are extremely experienced in these matters. We are usually able to get the judges to agree to probate any suspension. What this means is that the judge does not authorize DPS to suspend your license, even if he finds that the alleged reason for suspension is legitimate. You are instead put on a probationary period during which you are not allowed to be convicted of any traffic offenses or cause a collision. As long as you complete the probationary period without any violations, the suspension will not actually go into effect.

If your license is currently suspended, whether because you received a notice of suspension from DPS and took no action or for another reason, you should give us a call and we can help you figure out how to become eligible for an occupational driver’s license (ODL) and then secure one for you. Having an ODL will allow you to drive legally during the suspension period. Depending on the county, there may be significant restrictions on when and where you can drive, but we will do our best to obtain an ODL that accommodates all of your essential driving needs, such as to and from work, to and from medical appointments, to and from the grocery store, driving for childcare reasons, etc.

Remember to always keep a correct address with DPS and on your drivers license. DPS will always send notices to the address they have on your license even if you request that they send notices to a different address. Sometimes students will leave their parents home address on their license because that is their permanent address. Other people will sometimes also have a more fixed address on their license because they move around often but have a stable address for important material. If you fall in one of those category always make sure that the person monitoring your mail notifies you immediately if you receive a letter from a court or from DPS. Then call our offices and get the help you need. In San Antonio, call 210-394-3833. In Austin, call 512-278-0935. Get the help you need today!



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