San Antonio DWI Defense

When you’re arrested for a DWI in Texas one of the first things you need is answers to your questions over what will happen next.  Our San Antonio DWI attorney Jamie Balagia is here to answer those questions and help you understand what you face during your DWI in Texas.  We provide a free consultation with our San Antonio DWI lawyer and answer our phones 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Jamie Balagia is a San Antonio DWI lawyer with extensive experience trying DWI cases in Bexar County.  Call right now for your free San Antonio DWI case review.

The most immediate action you face after an arrest for DWI in Texas is the automatic driver’s license suspension.   You have to file an appeal of your automatic license suspension within 15 days or you will lose the right to save your driving privileges.  Our San Antonio DUI attorney Jamie Balagia will file this appeal for you, and represent you at this hearing as part of our representation of you.  Read more on our Texas DWI license suspension page.

San Antonio No Refusal Weekends

One of the most commons topics people ask me about is the Bexar County No Refusal Weekends.  The government’s public information on this matter is misleading.  You do have the right to refuse:

  1. To answer police questions about where you are coming from, where you are going, and whether you have drank any alcohol
  2. All field sobriety tests
  3. All handheld breath testing machines
  4. Breath testing at the station
  5. Blood testing without a warrant
  6. Urine testing
  7. Answer any questions the police ask you other than your name, insurance, and registration

The Bexar County No Refusal Weekends policy is simply that if you refuse an evidentiary blood, breath, or urine test the officer will apply for a warrant from a judge or magistrate to draw your blood.  You can still ask to consult with a San Antonio DWI Attorney before you answer any questions or agree to take any of the field sobriety tests.  Remember:  There is no guarantee that the warrant application will be approved.  For more information about the No Refusal Weekends policy read our No Refusal Weekends home page

What to do when you are pulled over by the San Antonio Police

When you get stopped for a DWI in Texas you have the right to remain silent, refuse the field sobriety tests, and refuse the portable breath test (PBT) without any penalty against your license, and without facing any criminal charge.  You must provide the police with a copy of your driver’s license, proof of insurance, and registration.  If the officer asks you for consent to search your vehicle, to perform field sobriety tests, or any other questions ask to call the San Antonio DWI lawyer Jamie Balagia at the DWI Dudes.  Our phones are answered 24/7!

Any answer you give will be used by the state as evidence against you for either a San Antonio DWI charge, or an obstruction charge.  Ask to call our San Antonio DWI Attorney and do not say anything else regardless of what the officer says or asks.

Drugs that Impair

The fastest growing area of DWI enforcement is the drug recognition evaluation (DRE) program.  If you take any prescription medication you run the risk of being prosecuted for a San Antonio DWI even if you have not drank any alcohol.  Our San Antonio DWI lawyers are trained in the DRE protocol, and know how to defend against these charges.

Texas DWI law forbids you from operating a motor vehicle while impaired by drugs or alcohol.  Prescription drugs can result in a San Antonio DWI as easily as illegal drugs.

The typical San Antonio DWI arrest based on a DRE examination begins and proceeds much like a DWI arrest based on alcohol.  The difference in a DRE based San Antonio DWI arrest is after you have taken a breath test and tested under .08 BAC.  Typically, the officer will request a DRE trained officer to come in and perform a DRE evaluation on you.  For more about a San Antonio DWI based on DRE evidence read our Texas DRE page.  If you have been arrested, call San Antonio DWI Attorney Jamie Balagia right now and get a free consultation.

What to do after being arrested for DWI

If you have been arrested for DWI in Texas call our San Antonio DWI attorneys right now for a free consultation.  We will help you understand what you face, and explain the best ways to protect yourself against these charges.  Our San Antonio DWI lawyers are trained in the Standardized Field Sobriety tests, and all facets of defending people charged with a DWI in Texas.  Call now and to get a highly skilled San Antonio DWI lawyer, Jamie Balagia working for you!