SR-22 Insurance Certificate Info

SR-22 Insurance Certificate Info

An SR-22 insurance certificate is a type of liability auto insurance. It is commonly required by Texas DPS for license suspensions, revocations, DWIs, and auto accidents. It can be issued by most insurance providers and is used as proof that you have the minimum liability insurance required by law. SR-22 is a completely separate policy than your typical insurance coverage. It is an additional, non-owner’s policy.

Once you purchase the policy, the certificate must be filed with DPS. Typically, your provider will handle this for you. Insurance providers will also notify Texas DPS when an SR-22 is cancelled, terminated or lapses.

An SR-22 insurance policy is also required for Occupational Driver’s Licenses and Restricted Licenses (for example, if you are restricted to driving with an ignition interlock device).

Once required, the SR-22 insurance policy will be required until the end of the license suspension. For DWI convictions, the SR-22 is required for two years following the conviction and for at-fault auto accidents, TX DPS requires an SR-22 insurance policy for three years after the accident date.

If DPS sent you a letter requiring you get an SR-22 insurance policy, call The DWI Dudes; we can refer a few great providers!

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