Suspension vs. Revocation

Technical terms can be confusing. Suspension vs. Revocation are two terms that are often confusing when you have been arrested for a DWI in Texas. Whether you are suspended or revoked depends on a variety of factors. When you hire us to defend you in a San Antonio DWI or Austin DWI we will gather your driving and criminal records and tell you what type of Texas license suspension or revocation you are likely to face.

Texas license suspension occurs when you have been arrested for a DWI in Texas and either tested .08 or higher BAC or refused to take the breath test. A suspension – for the sake of simplicity – simply means that your driving privileges are temporarily suspended for a short time period. After that time period and any other conditions applicable to the suspension, your license will be reinstated.

A Texas license revocation occurs when you have either accumulated enough points on your Texas driver’s license, or some other triggering event has occurred. A revocation means that your driver’s license is completely invalid. When the period of revocation has passed you may be able to reapply for a new driver’s license. Some revocations last for a matter of years, and some last for a lifetime. The reapplication process requires a number of steps, but will ultimately require you retake all of the tests and meet all of the conditions of obtaining a Texas driver’s license.

The factors that determine whether you face a Texas drivers license suspension vs. revocation after a DWI in Texas vary depending on the facts of your case. After we have obtained a copy of your prior driving and arrest records, and reviewed the facts and allegations in your current case we will give you a better idea of whether you face a suspension vs. revocation of your driving privileges. The sooner you contact us the faster we can get you the necessary information. Our San Antonio DWI attorneys and Austin DWI attorneys are standing by to help you right now. Don’t wait. Contact us right now!

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