I was NOT given a Temporary Driving Permit, How can I get one?

I was arrested for a DWI and was not given a temporary driving permit. How can I obtain one?

Many times police officers make mistakes and mess up their own paperwork when filing a report. One common mistake with regards to DWI arrest is the officer forgetting to give the person arrested a temporary driving permit after confiscating the actual plastic driving license. While this oversight can be an extra hassle on the already burdened citizen accused, it does not mean the case will be dismissed. It just means you will have to go get the temporary permit yourself.

To pick up your temporary driving permit, if the officer did not give you one, you will need the arresting officer’s name and his or her assigned substation. However, if you do not know the arresting officer’s name or substation, all hope is not lost. You can still go down to the main police station, give them your information and the date of the arrest so they can look up your case. Once the main police station administration has looked up your case they can give you the officer’s name and what substation he or she works at. Typically, you have to go do this portion in person because they will not release information about your case over the phone.

The reason you must know the officer’s name and substation is because that is where you will have to go pick up the temporary driving permit. Generally, once you have that information, you can call the substation and request to pick up your temporary permit. If they ask, tell them the officer did not give you one on the night of your arrest. It is always better to call the substation ahead just in case the officer has been relocated to another substation and to ensure they can provide you a copy

Once you have called the substation they should confirm that you can go pick up your temporary driving permit at that location. Additionally, it is always a good idea to ask what hours the substation is open because many of them are not open 24/7. If you or someone you know has been arrested for DWI and need representation or a copy of the temporary driving permit do not hesitate to call our offices to fight your case!

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