Valerie Dye

Valerie Dye

Receptionist (Manor)

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Valerie is our receptionist.  She joined the law firm in 2005 after retiring from a 25 year career in the Air Force.  In the military she was a weather person, which included going on field training exercises with the Army.  She also worked in Drug Demand Reduction with civil engineers tearing down crack houses throughout the State.  During the last few years in the military she was the NCO in charge of personnel for the Counterdrug Program.   Valerie is the first person potential clients and clients meet at the office and is there to help them with issues that arise.  She handles much of the administrative duties for the office.  Aside from work she is an animal lover with three cats and one dog that are spoiled rotten.  She enjoys visiting with family and friends, cooking and reading a good mystery.


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