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The Austin DWI attorneys and employees with the DWI Dude explain various aspects of a DWI in Texas through the videos on this page. If you have been arrested for an Austin DWI or San Antonio DWI contact us right now for a free consultation.

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What to do when arrested for a DWI in Texas

Texas No Refusal Weekends

Diabetics in a DWI in Texas

Media Blitz vs. Rights

Should you take a Texas DWI breath test?

Beat Your DWI in Texas Blood Warrant

How to Defeat Predatory Cops & Prosecutors

Magic machine that tests your blood for BAC

Police Officers and Ethics

Why NCDD is important for your rights

How Expert Witnesses are used in a Texas DWI

Arrested Again?

Are Cops Experts?

Driver’ License Suspension Hearings

The Walk-And-Turn Field Sobriety Test

The One Leg Stand Field Sobriety Test

What does HGN look like?

Know how to answer police questions

Austin DWI Attorney Investigator Bubba Cates

Austin DWI Attorney Paralegal Tracy

Austin DWI Lawyer Office Manager Stacy O’Brien

Meet Stacy O’Brien from DWI Dude Austin Office

Austin DWI Lawyer Jerry Smith

If you are in need of an Austin DWI attorney or San Antonio DWI attorney contact us right now for a free, no obligation case evaluation. Our phones are answered 24/7.