What To Do If Arrested For DWI in Texas

Austin Area DWI attorney Attorney Jamie Balagia understands that if you’ve never been arrested for an Austin or San Antonio DWI you likely have questions about what to do first. This page should give you the beginnings of a roadmap to help guide you through the steps you need to take right now to best protect yourself after a DWI in Texas arrest.

1. Make arrangements to get out of jail. Our San Antonio DWI attorneys Attorney Jamie Balagia and Austin DWI attorneys  answer our phones 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have relationships with Bail Bond companies that will treat you fairly, respectfully, and get you out of jail any hour of any day.
2. If your vehicle was towed get the first and last name of the tow truck driver. This driver may be a witness for you.
3. Hire me immediately. You only have 15 days to appeal your Texas DWI driver’s license suspension. Learn more on our Texas DWI License Suspension page. If you do not file in time you lose the right to protect your driver’s license.
4. Do not talk about your case on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else. The police will subpoena copies of your social media pages. There are tons of cases all across the nation where prosecutors have refused to negotiate a plea deal, or made the offer much more severe because of things posted on the defendant’s social media pages.
5. Do not talk to anyone about your case. Anyone you talk to can be forced into court and made to testify about what you said or did not say. Even if you are certain this person would never tell a soul what you said, it is a risk that is too high to take.

All San Antonio DWI attorneys and Austin Area DWI  Attorney Jamie Balagia will tell you that the more you talk to the police during a DWI investigation, or after you have been arrested, the lower your chances of winning your DWI in Texas case. Even if what you say is not damaging, the police will likely say that how you spoke indicated you were intoxicated. They will interpret your speech as slurred, your thoughts as confused, or claim you spoke “with a thick tongue.” Call us right now for a free, confidential San Antonio DWI and Austin Area DWI attorney Jamie Balagia case evaluation.

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