Where is the Cheapest DWI Attorney?


Parachutes, brain surgeons, and DWI attorneys


Security is mostly a superstition.

It does not exist in nature.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.


Beware of bargains when choosing a parachute, a brain surgeon, and a DWI attorney. These are not areas where your first thought should be ‘where can I get the best deal’. You need quality and excellence. Just as with the parachute and surgeon, when choosing a DWI attorney, you need protection, strength, and dependability. You deserve the best defenses.

Why do prices vary so much between attorneys, it’s just a DWI?

Let me ask you, how much does a car cost?

Before you could give an answer, you would need to know if it is a new car or a used car. Is it a compact, a high performance sports car or an ultra-luxury car? How many miles are on it? What is the maintenance record and much, much more?

One car may be a compact with no air conditioning, burning oil, running on one donut tire and the fuel line is clogged so it just stops at times. It may or may not get you where you are going but if you do finally arrive, you will be worn out, tired, sweaty, and late.

Another car may have perfect temperature control, runs smooth with great suspension, all systems work perfectly and you will arrive early to your destination, relaxed and in a good mood.

It would be unfair and misleading to compare the two cars on price alone. Or you may need a four wheel drive pickup truck to even attempt the journey.

There are two main ways a lawyer can attract new business. For some, it is through cheap fees. For others it is through exceptional skills, training, and reputation. Regretfully, you do not find cheap and highly skilled together. Why?

  • It costs more if an attorney limits the number of cases accepted, to allow more attention to each case that is handled.

  • It costs more if an attorney has specialized, detailed training that applies to a specific case.

  • It costs more if an attorney specializes in a specific type case, thus limiting income potential.

  • It costs more if an attorney is constantly updating his skills and knowledge necessary to protect you.

BUT, it actually costs LESS if the attorney can properly protect you. You will have to decide—do you want to cut costs and gamble on poor results? Don’t you deserve an investment in yourself and your future by having a skilled attorney who gives personalized attention to your needs?

Busted?  The DWI Dudes Can Help.

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Busted?  The DWI Dudes Can Help.

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