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5 Reel Drive Casino Slot Review & Play

Key game features

Reels 5
Jackpot amount 20,000
Paylines 9
Max. wager 18
Payout % 96.95%
Bonus round No
Software Microgaming
Max. payout 20,000
Theme Around the World
Jackpot type (normal/progressive) Normal

Embark on a thrilling journey and engage in the excitement of Microgaming’s vintage-style slot as we hit the road. The pivotal question remains: can this slot gain momentum even without the inclusion of a bonus round?

Uncover all the essential insights in our comprehensive review of the 5 Reel Drive slot. We’ll assess whether this game is destined for wild success or if it finds itself stranded on the metaphorical hard shoulder with a flat tire!

While 5 Reel Drive may present itself as a straightforward slot game, there’s a plethora of aspects to explore.

Within our expert analysis, we’ll delve into key elements, including:

  • The substantial advantage of its remarkably high Return To Player rate
  • The game’s strategic compensations for the absence of a bonus round
  • Insight into the potential jackpots and payouts that await avid gamblers

Highlights of our exploration include:

  • A notably high RTP, surpassing the majority of video slots
  • Winding Road wilds, lacking a multiplier but adeptly substituting for symbols
  • Nine paylines for a simplified gaming experience
  • Police scatters contributing scatter wins to payline victories

Join us on this insightful journey as we dissect the nuances of 5 Reel Drive, offering a nuanced perspective on its features and gameplay.

Pros and cons:


  • Effortlessly understandable
  • High RTP for frequent wins
  • Inclusion of Wilds and Scatters for player assistance
  • Reasonable jackpot achievable at Max Bet


  • Absence of a bonus round
  • Gameplay lacks excitement
  • Outshone by a Mega Moolah variant

Top 5 reasons why we rated 5 Reel Drive: Good

  1. Nearly 97% RTP, providing a substantial advantage
  2. Max Bet yields decent payouts
  3. Frequent standard-play wins enhance the gaming experience
  4. User-friendly and straightforward initiation
  5. Enjoyable Americana theme adds to the overall fun factor

Review of 5 Reel Drive Key Features

How to Play 5 Reel Drive

5 Reel Drive stands out as an ideal choice for beginners in 2023 due to its simplicity. This slot game intentionally forgoes bonus rounds and limits playable paylines, offering a straightforward experience.

While the absence of intricate features may seem like a drawback, it actually enhances the game’s accessibility, especially for those familiar with other 5-reel games.

Setting your preferred bet per spin is the only skill required, accomplished by clicking or tapping the stack of coins icon.

Despite its enjoyable Americana theme, the game lacks significant uniqueness and was later recycled for Microgaming’s 5 Reel Drive Mega Moolah variant, released a year after the original title.

The graphics, while fun, are not overly exciting as only a few symbols are animated. In a sea of visually stunning slots, 5 Reel Drive doesn’t particularly stand out.

For players accustomed to slots with more than nine paylines, there might be a sense of missed opportunities for additional profits. While the game offers strong potential wins, some spin outcomes may not align with the expected paylines.

5 Reel Drive Jackpots and Bonuses

In this concise bonus review of 5 Reel Drive, it’s worth noting that there’s no dedicated bonus round, a rarity for popular slots in 2023. The absence of free spins or other bonus features might be surprising to some players.

The closest semblance to a bonus is the Scatter symbol, functioning similarly by not requiring a payline for a win. Despite this, the lack of traditional bonus rounds could be a drawback for certain players.

Nevertheless, an argument can be made in favor of the game. With an impressively high RTP of nearly 97% and low volatility, players stand to lose less money overall compared to riskier slots with elaborate bonus rounds. However, this may not satisfy avid bonus-hunters.

Jackpot-seekers may also find less-than-optimal news. The game’s jackpot peaks at $10,000 for aligning five jackpot Flaming Wheel symbols. Despite featuring nine paylines, the absence of stacked symbols means that this maximum amount is the limit for a single spin win.

5 Reel Drive Mobile Options

Featuring straightforward graphics and audio, the 5 Reel Drive mobile slot ensures swift loading across all devices, catering to users with older smartphones and tablets.

This is particularly advantageous as some devices may struggle with the more visually intense, animated slot titles prevalent in 2023. The minimalistic interface, highlighted by a prominent Spin button, is well-tailored for smaller mobile screens.

The absence of a bonus round enhances the game’s appeal for on-the-go play, aligning with the preferences of mobile players who generally opt for shorter gaming sessions. With no need to wait for a bonus round to trigger, players are spared from lengthy sessions anticipating the coveted free spins.


Considering specific aspects of our 5 Reel Drive slot review, one might characterize this game as somewhat old-fashioned. This aligns seamlessly with its vintage Americana theme and portrayal of classic diner fare. However, our experts lean towards describing the game as ‘classic.’

Originally launched in 2008, the game now contends with more visually captivating counterparts featuring bonuses and mini-games.

A notable example from the same developers and series, Mega Moolah: 5 Reel Drive, surpasses the original in nearly every aspect. Boasting a substantial progressive jackpot, more paylines, albeit with a lower RTP, it incorporates more of the features that enthusiasts anticipate.

Recommending the original 5 Reel Drive online slot over its progressive jackpot counterpart proves challenging.

The primary target audience includes online slot beginners and individuals with devices having limited graphic capabilities. If you don’t fall into either category, the excitement surrounding this slot game might be somewhat diminished for you!

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