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Battlestar Galactica Casino Slot Review & Play

Key game features

Reels 5
Jackpot amount 20x
Paylines 243
Max. wager £15
Payout % 96.62%
Bonus round Yes
Software Microgaming
Max. payout 7,500x
Theme Movies and TV
Jackpot type (normal/progressive) Normal

Battlestar Galactica Slots Game Overview 

Battlestar Galactica represents a state-of-the-art slot machine embracing a captivating science fiction theme. Drawing inspiration from the immensely popular TV series of the 2000s, it showcases beloved characters from the show.

The slot’s five reels are showcased against a mesmerizing starlit backdrop, adorned with meticulously crafted spaceship animations gliding across the screen. Rather than fixed paylines, this game offers 243 ways to win, enabling winning combinations in multiple directions.

In terms of gameplay features, it boasts three distinctive modes – normal, run, and fight – each presenting unique advantages. Additionally, players can revel in an array of wilds, scatters, and plentiful bonuses.

Keep an eye out for the jump bonus, eliminating lower-paying symbols, and the Ion Storm, capable of transforming entire reels into wild symbols.

Furthermore, a built-in ranking system elevates the gaming experience, allowing players to earn points and advance their rank during play.

Key Highlights:

  • Three game modes to explore while playing
  • Spaceship scatters that trigger bonus features upon landing
  • Mobile-friendly and compatible with various devices
  • 243 ways to win, facilitating winning combinations from anywhere on the reels


  • Experience three distinct game modes for added enjoyment.
  • Enjoy the remarkable Ion Storm bonus feature.
  • Benefit from a generous round of free spins.
  • Elevate gameplay excitement with the included ranking system.


  • Certain players might perceive the bonus features as overly intricate.
  • Lacks a progressive jackpot feature.
  • Offers a relatively low maximum bet per spin.

Top 5 reasons why we rated Battlestar Galactica: Excellent

  1. Exquisitely crafted thematic gaming experience
  2. Experience 243 ways to secure victories while you play
  3. A diverse array of special features to enhance gameplay
  4. Experiment with three unique game modes
  5. Access to a round of free spins

Review of Battlestar Galactica Key Features

How To Play Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica presents an engaging slot experience featuring five reels, three rows, and an impressive 243 ways to secure wins. Its versatility allows winning combinations to form in any direction, intensifying the gameplay with swift pacing and significant potential for lucrative prizes.

This Microgaming slot machine stands out for its visually stunning graphics, drawing inspiration from the renowned TV series that shares its name.

The reels showcase an array of themed symbols directly lifted from the show, including iconic characters like Starbuck, Apollo, Helo, Baltar, Six, Saul Tigh, and more.

These character depictions boast top-tier graphics, employing vibrant and captivating colors that sharply contrast against the game’s darker backdrop.

Crafted with precision, this game offers a thrilling pace coupled with an array of special features and concealed surprises. The symbol repertoire includes wilds, while the scatters hold the key to unlocking an assortment of bonus features.

One notable aspect of Battlestar Galactica is its space-themed sound effects, immersing players in the sci-fi ambiance. The incorporation of supernatural sound effects during reel spins enhances the atmosphere, evoking an eerie yet enthralling sensation that captivates the senses.

Battlestar Galactica Jackpots and Bonuses

Battlestar Galactica boasts an intriguing aspect with its three distinct game modes: normal, run, and fight, each offering a unique gaming experience. These modes activate randomly during reel spins, prompting players to grasp their functionalities and the advantages they bring.

In normal mode, payouts follow the left-to-right pattern, accompanied by the Ion Storm feature, which transforms entire reels into advantageous wild symbols, significantly benefiting players.

Transitioning to run mode allows payouts for combinations formed in any direction, while introducing the Jump Bonus, eliminating lower-paying symbols from the reels.

The fight mode introduces additional wild symbols to the reels, increasing the potential for high-paying combinations.

Furthermore, the game offers a free spins round, triggered by landing three or more scatter symbols.

The number of free spins granted varies based on the current mode: 15 free spins and a 3x multiplier for normal mode, while fight mode rewards five free spins along with an extra wild symbol.

Battlestar Galactica Mobile Options

Battlestar Galactica caters to mobile players, offering compatibility across a wide range of mobile devices, including Android and iOS smartphones, as well as tablets.

Players can enjoy the game without the necessity of downloading an app, accessing it conveniently through various top-rated mobile casinos via their web browsers.

The game operates seamlessly on touchscreens, optimized for smaller screens without compromising its rich graphics or the inclusion of special symbols and bonuses. Trying it out on your mobile device ensures an identical and feature-rich gaming experience.


Battlestar Galactica stands out as one of Microgaming’s intricate slots, yet mastering its features becomes effortless once you understand its mechanics. Offering three diverse game modes and a vast array of bonus features, the gameplay remains consistently engaging.

The high-quality theming, infused with enjoyable sci-fi elements and mystical nuances, adds to its appeal. Whether played on mobile or desktop, spinning the reels introduces players to the captivating cast of characters.

With a betting range allowing up to £15 per spin, coupled with 243 ways to win, the potential for rewarding real-money payouts adds excitement to every play.

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