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Best Casino Sites that Accept Phone Bill

Depositing funds at online casinos using a mobile bill presents a convenient and secure option. In the early days of online casinos, primary deposit methods revolved around bank transfers and credit cards. However, as time progressed, electronic wallets like PayPal and Neteller, as well as cryptocurrencies, found acceptance.

In the current landscape, propelled by the widespread use of mobile phones, a novel payment avenue for casinos has emerged: phone payments. This innovative system enables players to initiate deposits via their mobile devices, with the charges incurred later, billed to their phones.

The adoption of mobile payment methods is on the rise within the casino industry. In this guide, we elucidate what this method entails, how it operates, its strengths and weaknesses, and provide insights into which gaming operators embrace this payment option. All your queries regarding phone payments will also find resolution here.

List of Casinos to Pay with Phone Bills in Oct 2023

1 Casimba 100% to 200% Match Bonus to your first deposit! 4.7 (108 ratings)
  • Three Deposit Bonuses
  • NetEnt Free Spins
  • VIP Program + Loyalty Points
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2 DreamVegas Casino 200% Match Bonus Up to $2500 4.6 (86 ratings)
  • 200% Match Bonus
  • Exclusive VIP Program
  • Live Chat Support
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3 888Casino 100% Match Bonus of up to £100 now! 3.8 (130 ratings)
  • Fantastic Live Casino Game Offer
  • User-friendly Interface
  • 1100+ slots games
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4 playamocasino Up to $300 Bonus Across First Two Deposits 4.6 (107 ratings)
  • Over 3,500 Top-quality Games
  • Accepts Various Cryptocurrencies
  • Generous Promotions
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⚖️ Phone Bill Payments at Online Casinos

Pay by phone casinos, as the name implies, incorporate phone payments into their array of deposit methods. When you choose to make a deposit at the casino using your phone bill, the deposited amounts become part of your upcoming bill from your service provider.

This process is swift and straightforward, allowing you to commence playing at your online casino without the immediate need to settle the payment on the spot. You can indulge in gaming now and conveniently settle the bill later through your mobile billing.

Mobile payment represents a relatively recent addition to the casino landscape. Reputable online casinos strictly adhere to regulatory guidelines, ensuring the safety of their payment methods.

However, due to the advantages of speed, convenience, and confidentiality, an increasing number of users find the mobile billing payment option appealing. These are the compelling reasons for opting for a mobile billing deposit when engaging in casino play.

✅ Security

Phone payments offer a distinct advantage in terms of security when compared to credit card transactions. When using mobile payments, there’s no need to disclose any personal or banking details to the casino, ensuring complete security.

In certain countries, strict regulations mandate the safety of all deposits, allowing players to confidently use any available payment method. However, in regions where casinos aren’t bound by such regulations, mobile casino payments stand out as the safest option.

✅ Comfort

Mobile casino payments offer remarkable convenience, enabling you to play at your convenience, wherever you may be, without the need to carry your bank card.

Making payments is a breeze with a simple click, and deposits are both immediate and free of charge. The corresponding amount will be billed to your telephone number at a later time.

✅ Speed

Utilizing the mobile payment method for casino deposits offers swift processing. All that’s required is your phone number, and the casino promptly authorizes the deposit, allowing you to commence your gaming experience. Enjoy your favorite casino games right away and settle the payment later through your phone operator.

✅ Confidentiality

Mobile casino payments offer a significant advantage in terms of confidentiality. There’s no need to share your personal or banking information with the casino.

Your telephone operator handles the payment on your behalf. Your role is simply to authorize the transaction, and you settle the amount later when you receive your telephone bill.

️ The Best Mobile Payment Services

✅ Pay by Phone With PayForIt

PayForIt stands as another prevalent deposit option among casinos that embrace phone payments. This system, devised by United Kingdom telephone operators, ranks among the most secure methods for making deposits and engaging in casino gameplay without the need to divulge your credit card information.

Utilizing PayForIt is straightforward; you only need to select this deposit system within your chosen casino.

✅ Pay by phone with Zimpler

Zimpler represents one of the supported deposit methods within the realm of online casinos. This option enables instantaneous payments, facilitating both deposits and withdrawals within a casino environment through its dedicated mobile and web wallet.

It operates as a straightforward payment system, utilizing a completely secure mobile wallet. To utilize Zimpler, you merely need to select this deposit method within your chosen casino.

✅ Pay by phone with Boku

Boku stands as a trailblazer in the realm of telephone payment services for casinos. With Boku, players are relieved of the need for credit or debit cards and the input of personal information; instead, deposits are seamlessly directed to the customer’s phone account.

The roster of casinos adopting Boku as a payment method is on the rise. Boku is known for its complete safety, speed, and reliability. To employ Boku, you simply need to opt for it as your chosen deposit system within your casino.

⚖️ How to Deposit to the Casino by a Phone Bill?

Making payments at a casino using your mobile bill is notably easier and more straightforward compared to other methods. In this section, you will receive a step-by-step guide on how to utilize your phone as a payment method.

  • Estimated Time Required: 5 minutes
  • Tools Needed: Casino Account, Smartphone
  • Prerequisites: Funds, Internet Connection
  1. To initiate mobile phone payments, start by enabling the service with your mobile operator.
  2. Once activated, the process is remarkably straightforward. Select the type of deposit you wish to make at the casino, specify the amount, and opt for payment through your operator.
  3. Following this, you’ll receive an SMS message, which requires confirmation of the payment.
  4. Payments are processed instantly, and the corresponding amount will be reflected in your subsequent mobile bill.

How to Choose a Pay-By-Phone Casino?

Merely locating a casino site that accepts phone payments isn’t sufficient. To ensure your safety and enjoyment, you should consider additional factors. Here are the key criteria to contemplate when seeking an online casino site:

➡️ Data Security and Privacy

Safety should remain our utmost priority; as such, we exclusively endorse reputable operators who employ comprehensive security measures. This includes the implementation of a data encryption system that safeguards our confidential information from unauthorized access.

Given the increasing prevalence of internet-related crimes involving data theft, it is imperative to opt for online casinos that partner with top-tier cybersecurity firms for this critical purpose.

➡️ Bonus Offers

Mobile payment casinos extend bonuses to their players as a token of appreciation for opting to deposit through their mobile devices. Leveraging these bonuses provides a competitive edge in your gaming experience.

Some of the primary bonuses available to users who choose this deposit method include the free spins bonus, the no deposit bonus, and participation in loyalty programs. Seek out casino sites that offer appealing casino bonuses.

➡️ Casino Games

When a casino includes phone payments as one of its deposit options, it opens up a diverse range of games to players, including slots, roulette, and various table games like poker or blackjack. You can now relish all these games using phone payments, which offer both confidentiality and security.

To enhance your enjoyment, it’s essential to find the specific games you desire to play or access a vast selection of games for maximum entertainment.

➡️ Live Casinos

Live casinos hold a strong allure for players. Within a live casino, you have the opportunity to engage in roulette with a genuine dealer, immersing yourself in the thrill of the game as though you were physically present.

Numerous live casinos extend the convenience of phone deposits to their players, enabling you to swiftly partake in live casino games.

➡️ Mobile Apps and Web Play

The primary benefit of mobile casinos lies in their ability to offer all games on your smartphone or tablet, allowing for enjoyment from any location with just your device in hand. When you pair mobile casinos with phone deposits, it further streamlines and expedites your gaming experience

➡️ Customer Support

Encountering technical issues during online casino play is a common occurrence. Hence, we prioritize the efficiency, convenience, and promptness of customer service to address our queries. Casinos typically provide assistance through phone and email to resolve doubts.

Live chat is becoming increasingly popular due to its speed and simplicity, alongside formats like FAQs. The top online casinos ensure round-the-clock support for their users.

Popular Casino Games for Phone Bill Users

Online casinos boast an extensive array of game titles, with some platforms featuring such a diverse selection that you may not need to explore elsewhere for quite a while. If you’re eager to experience a wide range of online casino games, here’s what you can expect to find:


Slot machines hold the title of the most beloved game of chance within the realm of online casinos. This is primarily attributed to their straightforward mechanics, making them accessible to players of all backgrounds.

When you place a bet and initiate the slot machine’s spin, the symbols align themselves on its reels. Once they come to a halt, it is this arrangement of symbols and their pattern along the paylines that determines whether you have secured a victory or faced a loss. The potential rewards hinge entirely upon this specific combination.

Slots have an undeniable allure due to their imaginative designs. Game developers invest meticulous effort in crafting them, evident in the wide array of themes available.

From thrilling adventures to enchanting fantasies, there exists a slot game tailored to suit every type of player. This diversity makes slot platforms a welcoming haven for gamblers with varied preferences.


Roulette has enthralled the masses since its inception and it comes as no surprise that it ranks among the finest online casino games. While its game mechanics remain simple, roulette bets can delve into intricate territory, necessitating players to devise their unique betting strategies.

Of course, this doesn’t preclude the option of straightforwardly betting on the winning number. Nevertheless, a significant portion of roulette enthusiasts gravitate towards this pastime because it allows them to employ their intellect in crafting their wagers.

Within the domain of online casinos, roulette exists in two versions: the one that operates online, and the live casino variation. The latter garners substantial attention due to its real-time gameplay, guided by a live dealer who spins the wheel and declares the victorious number.

This format injects considerable excitement and has even paved the way for the incorporation of additional chance elements into the game, such as multipliers in lightning roulette. Despite being a timeless classic, online roulette continues to evolve within the casino landscape.


Most online casinos feature craps tables, and some even host craps tournaments with substantial prizes. In the realm of online craps, the game unfolds with the aid of computer-generated dice, eliminating the need for physical dice rolls.

Instead, the computer generates a number between one and six for each player, which they utilize to determine their score for that particular round.

Playing craps online offers the advantage of swifter gameplay compared to its traditional table counterpart. There’s no waiting for dice rolls, and the need to tally the number of rolls is obviated.

Moreover, online craps accommodates more than two players, enabling enjoyable sessions with friends or family residing in diverse corners of the globe.

✅ Card Games

Card games hold significant appeal for online casino enthusiasts, with two in particular standing out as the most popular options:

1 – Poker

Poker transcends being just a game; it’s regarded as a mental sport. This distinction arises from the demand it places on players to employ their full range of cognitive abilities. Success hinges on one’s capacity to decipher the game, predict opponents’ moves, conceal emotions, and execute the most effective strategies.

The game’s aim is to assemble winning combinations using the five dealt cards. Players have the chance to swap out cards they deem fit, thereby shaping their gameplay. Online casinos offer the flexibility of playing against AI or creating personalized games, inviting friends to join in the fun.

2 – Blackjack

Blackjack stands out as another highly popular online casino game. It boasts rapid gameplay, centered on achieving a sum of 21 points with the dealt cards, thereby outplaying the dealer. Its simplicity attracts many players, yet it’s worth noting that strategies can be employed when engaging in multiple consecutive games.

Similar to roulette, blackjack is featured in the live casino category, injecting an added layer of excitement into its proceedings.

Sports Bets

While sports betting doesn’t fit the traditional mold of chance-based games, it’s an integral part of the online casino landscape. In fact, there are numerous platforms exclusively dedicated to this pursuit. The essence of sports betting lies in forecasting the outcomes of events like football matches, races, or tennis contests.

It encompasses a wide spectrum of sports, ensuring that enthusiasts of particular competitions swiftly discover the most favorable odds for their wagers. Beyond simple outcome predictions, there exists a plethora of specialized bets in this realm, attracting those who relish in comprehensive analysis.

Online casinos continue to unite a global community of players seeking their fortunes in this arena. Platforms accepting phone bill payments offer a rich assortment of games, including slots, roulette, poker, and blackjack.

Moreover, sports betting introduces a fresh dimension to the world of sports, coupled with the allure of casino bonuses. On top of these options, players can explore other popular casino games such as bingo, scratch cards, keno, and many more.

Alternative Casino Payment Options

In addition to mobile phone payments, online casinos offer a diverse array of payment options, including bank transfers, debit or credit cards like Visa and Mastercard, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, electronic wallets, and prepaid cards like paysafecard, Neteller, Skrill, or similar alternatives.

Each payment method comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, making some more fitting for specific players than others. If you encounter difficulties with mobile phone payments, consider selecting one of these alternatives. Here are the globally popular payment methods embraced by online casinos:

✅ Visa

Visa, a multinational corporation with a global presence across all continents, holds significant importance. It’s no surprise that the majority of online casinos worldwide readily accept Visa as a payment method, including both its debit and credit card variations.

Utilizing Visa cards for transactions in virtual gambling establishments stands as one of the most dependable options available today. It offers users a straightforward, swift, and entirely secure means of accessing their favorite games.

✅ Mastercard

Discussing online casinos that welcome Mastercard as a payment option entails a vast majority of them.

Mastercard stands out as one of the most dependable payment methods in the virtual realm, facilitating swift deposits and easy access to preferred games. It’s a highly reliable payment avenue, ensuring the safeguarding of personal data.

✅ Skrill

Skrill, formerly known as Moneybookers, introduced its virtual wallet in 2001, originating in the United Kingdom.

This method of payment and withdrawal is widely accepted across the majority of online casinos and gambling websites. Its prevalence stems from its seamless compatibility with leading online bookmakers, facilitating instant transactions.

Presently, over 11 million customers embrace this virtual wallet due to its capacity for instantaneous money transfers, secure receipt of funds, and user-friendly services—all without incurring commissions.

Furthermore, Skrill boasts a mobile application for convenient use on your mobile device, in addition to its accessible and intuitive web platform. An exclusive benefit of this electronic wallet is access to promotions not available through other payment methods.

✅ Neteller

Neteller, a Canadian-origin company, provides a secure and expedient method for depositing funds in online betting platforms. Functioning as an electronic wallet, it offers a physical card linked to Mastercard. Although it’s not a credit card but a prepaid one, it holds the funds you intend to use for your gaming activities.

To harness the capabilities of this electronic wallet, one must create an account, top up funds through the available options, and subsequently make deposits within online betting establishments.

Another enticing feature is the ability to withdraw earnings from betting sites and then transfer them to your bank account. Moreover, Neteller offers its clients the enticing opportunity to access exclusive bonuses.

✅ Paysafecard

Originating in Vienna in the year 2000, Paysafecard serves as a straightforward payment method for depositing funds. Widely trusted, it finds frequent use across various territories globally.

The Paysafecard prepaid card, obtainable at numerous points of sale, features a single-use pin purchased anonymously. To deposit funds into your online casino account, simply enter the pin on the casino’s website.

Paysafecard provides a secure avenue to safeguard your personal data while enjoying the diverse entertainment offerings of online casinos.

✅ Apple Pay

Apple Pay, a mobile payment and digital wallet service introduced in 2014, has gained increasing popularity for online casino gambling worldwide. This payment method is renowned for its security and user-friendliness, accessible on all Apple devices, facilitating both in-person and virtual transactions.

In the realm of online transactions, it seamlessly operates on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch. Depositing or withdrawing funds is a straightforward process, typically subject to a delay of 1 to 3 business days, determined by your bank and card issuer. Apple Pay’s payment technology stands out for its speed and ease of use.

✅ Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies stand out as an exceptionally secure and efficient method for managing virtual finances. Governed by an interconnected system meticulously tracking each transaction, the use of cryptocurrencies eliminates the risk of theft. In the realm of online betting and gaming,

Bitcoin typically takes precedence as an accepted form of payment. Renowned for its anonymity, rapid money transfers, absence of additional commissions, and augmented bonuses through unlimited deposits,

Bitcoin remains a prevalent choice for online gambling, despite slightly longer processing times for deposits and withdrawals compared to alternative payment methods.

✅ Bank Transfer

Numerous online casinos readily embrace bank transfers as a viable payment method. Bank transfer stands out as a straightforward and commonly employed approach for handling financial transactions within online bookmakers. It permits users to facilitate deposits and withdrawals through their bank accounts effortlessly.

The process is uncomplicated, involving the transfer of funds between the player’s bank account and the online casino account or vice versa.

It’s worth noting that transaction confirmation may take between 24 to 48 hours, with the potential for associated bank fees and commissions—a factor that may not align with the preferences of players seeking swifter and more cost-effective transaction options.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Paying by Phone in a Casino

We’ve covered the numerous advantages of mobile phone payments throughout this guide, but let’s recap them below. Despite their evident benefits, it’s crucial to acknowledge that mobile payments also come with certain drawbacks. Here, we outline the primary pros and cons of mobile phone payments:

Advantages Disadvantages
This method ensures security as there’s no need to disclose your bank or credit card details. Regrettably, this service is not widely available on many casino sites.
It’s a highly user-friendly deposit method that’s already familiar to everyone. It’s possible to lose control over the deposited amount and frequently wager more than initially intended.
It’s a free service since the operators who provide it do not impose any commissions or fees. Operators typically set a monthly limit for this payment method, which can vary depending on the circumstances but is usually around €300.
It’s an exceptionally swift payment option, with deposits being processed instantly.


Why pay at a casino with a mobile bill?

Opting for casinos that incorporate mobile payment in their service offerings presents numerous benefits. Foremost, it obviates the need to divulge card or personal information, ensuring complete confidentiality while playing.

Furthermore, the system is notably swift, uncomplicated, and user-friendly. Just select this payment method in the online casino, input your phone details, await confirmation, and you’re all set to start playing in any casino of your choice.

Can I play without claiming the bonus?

To play at the casino without opting for the bonus, you can initiate a deposit through your phone. This way, there’s no need to furnish your details or card information to the casino. Paying via mobile phone grants immediate access to all the games.

Can I make big deposits?

For players seeking to make modest deposits, the most suitable choice is casinos that permit mobile phone deposits.

If you aim to assess a casino’s performance or explore new games, the option of depositing via mobile billing becomes enticing. Typically, there are limits imposed on the amount you can pay, and these limits tend to be relatively low.

What are pay-by-phone casinos?

A casino offering telephone payments is a gaming platform that includes depositing funds through the telephone bill among its payment methods.

Players are not required to disclose their financial details, as all deposits are processed through their phone number. Following this, the charged amount reflects on their telephone bill from the operator.

Are pay by phone bill casinos safe?

Certainly, mobile payment casinos are entirely secure. When utilizing this method, there’s no need to input your personal or financial information into the casino. Furthermore, as a standard practice, this payment option typically does not entail any form of commission or additional cost.

How to make a deposit at a pay-by-phone casino?

Making a deposit at a mobile casino is straightforward. Just select this payment method at the casino, enter your phone number, and promptly receive confirmation from the casino, allowing you to start playing your favorite games.

Are deposits over the phone fast?

Indeed, deposits at casinos through mobile payment are exceedingly swift. All you need to do is select this payment method, input your phone number, receive confirmation, and you can commence playing instantly—no need to furnish the casino with your personal or card details.

As for fees associated with phone deposits, it’s worth noting that this payment option typically does not incur any additional charges or fees. 

Do deposits over the phone carry any fees?

No, typically, operators providing mobile payment services do not impose any additional expenses or commissions. Your sole payment obligation will be the deposited amount billed to your mobile phone. However, it’s advisable to verify with your telephone operator to ensure that no commissions will be levied.

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