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Candy Bars Casino Slot Review & Play

Key game features

Reels 4
Jackpot amount 30x coin value
Paylines 50
Max. wager 750 credits
Payout % 94.8%
Bonus round Yes
Software IGT
Max. payout 250,000
Theme Food
Jackpot type (normal/progressive) Progressive

Candy Bars Game Overview

The Candy Bars slot machine boasts a distinctive layout, a delightful theme, and an intriguing jackpot structure, making it stand out conspicuously in the gaming arena.

However, whether this uniqueness is a positive aspect hinges entirely on your preferences when it comes to slot games.

Our Candy Bars review delves deeper into the specifics, revealing that if your gaming preference leans towards accumulating free spins, this particular game might not align with your desires.

Yet, if you seek a departure from the conventional 5-reel slots, then Candy Bars could be precisely what you’re looking for.

Key highlights of Candy Bars include its jackpot offerings, an opportunity to experience the game firsthand, and the allure of its enticing bonus features.

Highlighted features of Candy Bars:

  • Three local progressives that amplify with extended playtime, increasing your potential winnings.
  • An average Return to Player (RTP) of 93.35%, which, honestly, falls a tad lower on the spectrum.
  • A unique approach to bonuses, which might not cater to enthusiasts fixated on free spins.
  • A substantial number of paylines, offering a multitude of ways to secure a win, a desirable aspect for many gaming enthusiasts.


  • Intriguing design and user interface
  • Expanding wilds accompanied by multipliers
  • Three progressive jackpots available
  • Abundance of paylines relative to the number of reels


  • Absence of free spins or a conventional bonus round
  • Considerably high variance associated with the title

Top 5 reasons why we rated Candy Bars: Excellent

  1. A unique approach to traditional slot mechanics
  2. Lower house edge available in bonus modes
  3. High-value “local progressive” jackpots
  4. Offers a wide range of possible bets
  5. Delightful visuals reminiscent of Candy Crush style

Review of Candy Bars’s Key Features

A unique slot anyone with a sweet tooth can enjoy guilt-free

Upon encountering the Candy Bars online slot initially, one might question their perception. However, a closer examination confirms the initial impression – the game indeed features only four reels! Perhaps it drew inspiration from the shape of a Kit Kat…

Despite its unconventional layout origins, boasting a substantial 50 paylines, the game delivers a captivating gameplay experience.

Coupled with an intriguing jackpot structure (more details below), it’s no surprise that numerous Candy Bars slot reviews acknowledge its significant impact over recent years.

A heads-up: due to its involvement with progressive jackpots, finding the game in free play mode might prove challenging. To explore its offerings, one might need to engage with the game’s minimum bet, discerning whether it aligns with their gaming preferences.

Symbols that’ll have you feeling like a kid in a candy store

This game revolves around candy, showcasing symbols like gumdrops, peppermints, lollipops, and chocolate.

Interestingly, the symbol library also includes the number 7, for reasons not immediately evident. While the visuals appear appealing, we acknowledge that these adorable cartoon graphics might lean towards being excessively sweet for certain preferences.

No free spins? Is that a typo?!

Absolutely true, there isn’t a conventional bonus round featuring free spins in Candy Bars. This absence might sway your opinion towards the negative side, doesn’t it? However, despite lacking free spins, the game compensates with various other appealing features.

For instance, it presents numerous stacked wilds, local progressive and standard jackpots, blackout wins, multipliers, and a host of additional bonuses. Notably, achieving just a couple of wilds on reels 2 and 3 can result in a combined multiplier of 4x!

An oh-so-sweet jackpot with a difference

We typically recommend utilizing the maximum number of credits while playing slots. Not because hitting Bet Max guarantees a win, but primarily because it increases the chance of competing for life-altering sums if luck favors you.

When engaging with a Candy Bars slot, it’s particularly prudent to use the maximum number of credits. This is because the game’s progressive jackpots grow larger with increased spending.

With the maximum progressive jackpot valued at a substantial quarter of a million, maximizing credits becomes essential for aiming at substantial wins.

Break out the candy wherever you are

If you manage to locate an online casino app or a mobile-friendly site offering the opportunity to pursue a Candy Bars jackpot, we believe this game is an excellent choice for your smartphone or tablet gaming sessions.

The game’s vibrant and vivid layout, featuring four oversized reels, seems tailored for smaller screens and functions seamlessly on mobile devices as it does on larger platforms like laptops or desktops.

Moreover, the lack of a conventional free spins bonus round allows for convenient intermittent gameplay, ideal for moments when full gaming attention isn’t feasible.

Sugar, spice and all things nice

The Candy Bars casino game’s distinctive 4×4 layout, a departure from the common 5×3 slot format, coupled with its unconventional bonus features, establishes it as a slot that could evoke either strong affection or dislike.

Boasting a sizable jackpot, a broad range of betting options, and numerous paylines, there are ample features to appreciate. However, one’s overall impression of the game will inevitably hinge on personal preferences.

Considering the enduring success of Candy Crush in the mobile gaming sphere, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to witness a sequel or some form of update to Candy Bars (stay tuned for the online slot review!) emerging in the near future.

Until then, it’s a matter of determining whether the prizes it offers outweigh the slightly dated graphics.

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Spin Casino

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