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Eagle Bucks Casino Slot Review & Play

Key game features

Reels 5
Jackpot amount 1000x
Paylines 20
Max. wager 100 per line
Payout % 94%
Bonus round Yes
Software Microgaming
Max. payout 200,000
Theme Americana, Nature
Jackpot type (normal/progressive) Fixed

Eagle Bucks Game Overview

Without a doubt, the Eagle Bucks casino game appeals greatly to enthusiasts of Americana. The very name resonates with the colors of the American flag – red, white, and blue!

This game bears a striking resemblance to classic land-based slots, evoking memories of visits to renowned gambling havens like Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

For those deeply passionate about the USA, ensuring a good return on investment and a fair opportunity to rake in substantial winnings is akin to pursuing the American Dream! Hence, we delve into a comprehensive evaluation of the Eagle Bucks slot in our review below.

  • Delve into the nature-themed visuals of Eagle Bucks.
  • Avail yourself of a casino bonus and discover a premier casino offering this game.
  • Uncover the game’s intricate bonus features.
  • Boasting 20 paylines, the game feels just about right, although more are always welcome!
  • With an RTP exceeding 94%, the game offers a decent return, albeit slightly lower than some of its counterparts in the market.
  • Frequent appearances of wild symbols enhance the gameplay, a sight that never fails to please us.
  • True to its nature, the game faithfully replicates the experience of playing in a physical, land-based casino venue.


  • Embraces a genuinely “classic” appearance and ambiance.
  • Provides two bonus rounds that are notably similar.
  • Presents a straightforward and uncluttered gameplay interface.
  • Boasts an impressively substantial jackpot.


  • The bonus round without wilds lacks excitement and falls short of expectations.
  • The game’s appearance seems somewhat outdated.

Top 5 reasons why we rated Eagle Bucks: Excellent

  1. Extensive range for betting options.
  2. Incorporates two distinct bonus rounds.
  3. Visuals reminiscent of traditional land-based slot machines.
  4. Offers a substantial jackpot.
  5. Presents a fair Return to Player percentage.

Review of Eagle Bucks’s Key Features

A nice 5-reel slot that’s as American as apple pie

The online layout of the Eagle Bucks slot impeccably mirrors the experience of playing a classic land-based game. Its virtual setting remarkably resembles sitting before a cabinet in a physical casino, capturing the essence of traditional gameplay.

Developed by Ainsworth, now operating under the Microgaming umbrella, this slot, despite originating from an Australian company, exudes an unmistakable American vibe.

While this might seem surprising, it’s not entirely unprecedented—similarly, Gonzo’s Quest wasn’t crafted by conquistadors!

Featuring 20 paylines, a conventional bonus round, and a notably substantial fixed Eagle Bucks jackpot, the game offers a rather predictable experience.

This predictability might appeal to players seeking familiarity, yet it could potentially disappoint those who thrive on the element of surprise.

Almost as good as looking at a real life sunset

The game features familiar card symbols like 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A, common across many online slots. Additionally, it showcases imagery of deer, wolves, bison, rock formations, and notably, the majestic eagle.

While the graphics lack notable animations, save for the prominent eagle, the overall appearance holds up well despite its age.

In essence, when considering Eagle Bucks’ visuals, they may not astound, especially when compared to the vibrant 3D slots prevalent in 2023. However, they still maintain a decent appeal and aren’t displeasing to the eye.

Things get a little wild in the eagle’s nest

The Eagle Bucks slot stands apart in its bonus round setup. Instead of a single bonus feature, it offers two distinct yet similar rounds. The initial round comprises a straightforward 10 free spins with added wilds, although without any available multipliers.

For the more fortunate players, there’s a chance to trigger a round of 10 free spins where the entire fifth reel transforms into a wild. Undoubtedly, this significantly amplifies the potential for substantial wins.

It becomes evident that aiming for the second of these bonus rounds is preferable, as the absence of the wild fifth reel might lead to disappointment.

A jackpot that will have you screaming like an eagle

Given the somewhat outdated look of this slot, one might anticipate a relatively modest fixed jackpot, perhaps around £20,000.

However, in our exploration for this Eagle Bucks online slot review, we’re thrilled to disclose that the jackpot surpasses this expectation by a substantial margin. Admittedly, the likelihood of landing 5 scatters in a single spin is slim, but it remains achievable.

Our top tip for Eagle Bucks? While the jackpot holds significant value, we advise against investing excessive effort in pursuing it.

Instead, consider cashing out once you’ve triggered a bonus round. Coupled with wins from 3 or more scatters, this strategy is likely to yield a decent sum following a round of free spins.

Take the game with you when you’ve gotta fly

The Eagle Bucks online slot presents a refreshing and uncluttered playing space, making it a suitable choice for gaming on the go. Its minimalist design, devoid of elaborate graphics or intricate animations, ensures a rather undemanding gameplay experience.

Enveloped in an outdoor theme accompanied by banjo melodies and a picturesque sunset backdrop, this game evokes a setting best savored on a summer evening by a serene lake.

Picture yourself with a smartphone in hand, relishing the experience with a cold American beer in the other – the ideal scenario for enjoying this slot.

An oldie, but still a goodie

The reality is that Eagle Bucks, much like similar nature-themed slots such as Wolf Moon and the original Buffalo, is starting to display signs of its age. Other games in the market offer superior bonus features, higher jackpots, and more updated graphics.

Nonetheless, where this game truly shines is in its ability to replicate the feel of traditional land-based slots. Given Ainsworth’s expertise in developing slots for physical casinos, it’s no surprise.

For players seeking the familiarity of games experienced in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or other brick-and-mortar venues, Eagle Bucks remains a respectable choice.

In summary, for those desiring that specific land-based slot experience, our concise Eagle Bucks review suggests it’s still a worthwhile option.

Where are the best places to play Eagle Bucks for real money?

Jackpot City

100% up to €1,600 Welcome Bonus

Spin Casino

100% up to €2,000 Welcome Bonus


€1000 Welcome Bonus

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