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Eye of Horus Casino Slot Review & Play

Key game features

Reels 5
Jackpot amount 10,000x stake
Paylines 10
Max. wager 100
Payout % 96.31%
Bonus round Yes
Software Merkur
Max. payout 250,000
Theme Egyptian
Jackpot type (normal/progressive) Fixed

Eye of Horus Game Overview

“Yet another Egyptian-themed slot game?!” might be your initial reaction. Indeed, this game was introduced back in 2016, and typically, we might excuse its longevity by appreciating its pioneering role in adopting a specific theme.

However, Eye of Horus stands out with its noteworthy jackpot and a notably high RTP of 96.31%, surpassing several counterparts in this aspect.

So, despite the allure of games like Cleopatra and Book of Ra, it’s worth diverting your attention to explore this one. Our comprehensive Eye of Horus review below delves into more details!

  • Discover prime destinations to indulge in the Eye of Horus slot
  • Engage in the game’s reliable bonus round
  • Explore Eye of Horus’ jackpots, visuals, gameplay, and beyond.
  • 10 paylines
  • Ideally, more avenues for winning would enhance the gaming experience.
  • Extremely high RTP exceeding 96%
  • One of the most generous RTPs available in today’s gaming landscape.
  • Impressive maximum payout
  • A jackpot of this caliber is certainly cause for celebration.
  • Autoplay feature enabled
  • Simply click to set the game rolling for a convenient gaming session.


  • Offers a diverse array of potential bets
  • Presents a bonus round with re-triggers and opportunities for upgrades
  • Provides a clean and uncluttered playing interface
  • Features an appealingly generous jackpot


  • Lacks a multiplier within the bonus round
  • Exhibits outdated and old-fashioned graphics

Top 5 reasons why we rated Eye of Horus: Excellent

  1. The RTP % stands notably high.
  2. Offers a pretty good bonus round.
  3. Presents a clean, simple, and uncluttered interface.
  4. Boasts a fairly high jackpot.
  5. Features a limited number of paylines.

Review of Eye of Horus’s Key Features

Take a trip to see the Pharaoh with this smooth 5-reel slot

When considering ancient Egypt, Germany might not immediately come to mind, yet this intriguing slot game hails from there. It incorporates a touch of German efficiency, offering a smart and intuitive gaming interface devoid of unnecessary distractions or adornments.

Despite its limited number of paylines, the slot boasts a sizeable jackpot, drawing in numerous players and establishing the Eye of Horus casino game as a top favorite among slots enthusiasts in Germany.

However, it’s worth noting that some hometown bias might contribute to its popularity there!

Featuring 3 rows and 5 reels, the game’s simplicity allows players to easily dive in. For those wanting to grasp its mechanics beforehand, there’s always the option to explore it in free play mode before diving into the gameplay.

Time to bust out your hieroglyphics dictionary!

The Eye of Horus slot game, much like our review, doesn’t delve deeply into complexities. Instead, all the essential information for deciphering winning symbols is conveniently available in the paytable.

However, it does feature an array of Egyptian symbols that players should acquaint themselves with.

Expect to encounter Horus (also recognized as Ra) and his iconic eye, alongside symbols like scarab beetles, birds, fans, dogs, and a variety of others. Additionally, the mix includes straightforward symbols such as 9s, 10s, Js, Qs, Ks, and As.

While the visuals are impressive overall, the abundance of symbols might seem extensive given the relatively modest number of paylines.

Horus’ bonus round is predictable but pleasurable

As the title suggests, simplicity reigns supreme here: land three scatters and receive 12 free spins accompanied by a Horus Wild, which upgrades specific symbols.

Moreover, landing additional wilds during the bonus round unlocks extra free spins; 1, 2, and 3 wilds grant 1, 3, and 5 free spins respectively.

The preference between “added value” wilds or a multiplier in bonus rounds boils down to personal choice. Your perception of Eye of Horus’ bonus round is likely shaping up based on the details outlined above.

Frankly, introducing a multiplier here would be a welcomed addition in our view, although desires don’t always align with reality!

Grab your archaeology gear and get ready to chase treasure!

The Eye of Horus slot machine boasts a maximum payout of a substantial quarter of a million, which, despite not being the newest game in town, is undeniably impressive. Especially when considering the base jackpot of merely 1000 for landing 5 scatters or Eyes of Horus.

Put simply, there are significant incentives to play here, coupled with a commendably high RTP of over 96%, ensuring your bankroll lasts for an extended gaming session.

However, one of our recommended Eye of Horus tips involves considering cashing out and concluding the day’s gameplay if you’re fortunate enough to trigger a bonus round early on during your session.

Explore the pyramids on the bus, at work, in the pub…

Eye of Horus’ simplicity, while possibly deterring players who prefer more visually extravagant games on their laptops or desktops, surprisingly emerges as a redeeming quality for mobile and tablet users.

Unlike complex 3D games with elaborate graphics, adapting them to run smoothly on smaller screens poses significant challenges. However, straightforward games with a nostalgic “old school” feel, such as Eye of Horus, don’t encounter the same hurdles.

Encountering this game in a responsive mobile casino or within an online gambling app collection might pleasantly surprise you—it’s certainly worth giving it a try.

There’s still a place for Eye of Horus in your pyramid!

It’s best not to scrutinize that analogy too closely since the pyramids served as tombs rather than residences. However, the essence remains intact—our assessment of the Eye of Horus online slot is that it’s an incredibly straightforward game.

Yet, it delivers sufficiently in terms of rewards and jackpots, making it quite appealing to a certain segment of players.

The bonus round, while not extraordinary by any means, offers a few additional free spins compared to many other slots.

It excels in reviving a depleted bankroll and often provides an extra boost if triggered early. Nothing extravagant, but the Eye of Horus online slot presents itself as a decent choice for players.

Where are the best places to play Eye of Horus for real money?

Jackpot City

100% up to €1,600 Welcome Bonus

Spin Casino

100% up to €2,000 Welcome Bonus


€1000 Welcome Bonus

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