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Genies Gems Casino Slot Review & Play

Key game features

Reels 5
Jackpot amount $50,000
Paylines 5
Max. wager $25.00
Payout % 95.1%
Bonus round No
Software Microgaming
Max. payout $50,000
Theme Magic/Arabian
Jackpot type (normal/progressive) Normal

Genies Gems Game Overview

The Genies Gems online slot stands as one of Microgaming’s earlier creations, holding its ground in an era abundant with slots boasting an array of special features.

This straightforward machine allures players by teasing the potential to tap into the magical prowess of the genie, the game’s central symbol. Those fortunate enough to land three to five genies can expect substantial rewards.

Wagering the maximum amount of $25 per spin and $5.00 per payline opens the door to winning a handsome sum of up to $50,000.

For enthusiasts seeking a nostalgic journey, the Genies Gems slot fits the bill perfectly. If you’ve savored online slots for a decade or more, this game will evoke a sense of fond reminiscence.

Upon its debut, Genies Gems enjoyed widespread popularity, igniting the development of more sophisticated, quick-rich slots by Microgaming, such as Golden Goose. Dive into Genies Gems and a variety of high-quality casino games at our top-rated online gaming hub.

For a comprehensive understanding of this game, delve into our detailed review below.

  • Discover the optimal bets to place on the Genies Gems online slot.
  • Grasp the entertainment value and wagering dynamics of this machine.
  • Before venturing with real money, relish the Genies Gems online slot for free here.
  • Exciting Rewards: Stand a chance to win up to $50,000 in a single spin.
  • Seamless Gameplay: Enjoy a flawlessly smooth gaming experience.
  • Accessible Wagering: Start betting with as little as $0.25 per spin.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simplicity ensures effortless gameplay.


  • Straightforward and uncomplicated slot gameplay.
  • Offers a top jackpot prize of $50,000.
  • High variance, leading to larger potential prizes.
  • Maintains Microgaming’s renowned quality.


  • Absence of a bonus round.
  • Lack of free spin features.
  • No inclusion of scatter symbols.

Top 5 reasons why we rated Genies Gems: Excellent

  1. Microgaming’s consistent reliability and quality in design.
  2. High variance slot, offering improved opportunities for substantial payouts.
  3. Potential Genies Gems jackpot reaching up to $50,000.
  4. Straightforward and easily comprehensible gameplay.
  5. Offers a broad spectrum of bets, ranging from 25 cents to $25.00.

Review of Genies Gems’s Key Features

This online slot may be simple, but it’s also a lot of fun

In our assessment of Genies Gems, we discovered an aesthetically appealing game featuring a rich color scheme of gold, blue, and purple, complemented by well-designed symbols.

Developed by Microgaming, the game boasts seamless gameplay, captivating video reels, and intricately detailed symbols.

While it may lack scatters, multipliers, or bonuses, the Genies Gems casino game delivers reliable payouts, catering to players seeking the potential for substantial wins rather than frequent smaller ones.

Its simplicity, with just five paylines, positions it as one of the least complicated online slots available.

A notable aspect we appreciated was the game’s commendable 95% return to player rate, coupled with its high variance, providing players with an above-average opportunity to earn returns when placing bets on this slot.

It’s crucial to note that Genies Gems doesn’t offer elaborate features or extras. If you prefer a direct and uncomplicated online slot experience, this game presents an ideal choice for you.

Rich colorful symbols of gold, blue and purple are very attractive

Within this slot, there are five meticulously crafted icons that seamlessly align with the central theme. These icons include the majestic golden dome of a sultan’s palace, an energized flying carpet, a mystical magic lamp, a captivating blue diamond, and an influential genie.

Notably, the genie symbolizes the highest potency, holding the utmost power within the game. Achieving a row of five genie icons secures the coveted Genies Gems jackpot.

Conversely, the symbols representing traditional playing cards—10, J, Q, and K—yield comparatively lower payouts.

Your experience with this online slot can pay off big

Primarily, our assessment of the Genies Gems slot underscores an enjoyable and high-quality gaming experience for players.

However, it’s essential to note the absence of advanced features. Expect no provision for free spins, bonus rounds, or additional earnings through multipliers. With merely five reels and paylines, this game embodies simplicity and straightforwardness.

We admire the Genies Gems slot as a game perfect for quick, impactful gameplay. In essence, if you’re aiming for the chance to hit significant prizes within a few spins, the Genies Gems casino game stands as a dependable option.

Its tendency to offer fewer but more substantial rewards, coupled with a maximum jackpot of $50,000, makes it an appealing choice.

For an ultimate experience, play using these game tips

Considering the straightforwardness of this slot, one might assume there are no practical tips for gameplay.

However, due to its simplicity, offering guidance becomes crucial since many players may not be accustomed to such a game like the Genies Gems slot. Here are tips to maximize your playing experience.

Firstly, it’s advisable to wager on all five paylines, providing the optimal opportunity for winning outcomes. If feasible, consider playing with the maximum bet, set at $5.00 per payline and $25 per spin.

This strategy is advantageous because the Genies Gems casino game emphasizes fewer yet more substantial prizes. Therefore, in the event of landing five genies consecutively, triggering the top prize, maximizing your potential winnings becomes essential.

How can you play this on your mobile?

As this is an older and more straightforward slot machine, there hasn’t been any endeavor to develop a mobile version. Accessing Genies Gems for gameplay will necessitate an online approach.

It’s unlikely that an Android or iOS version of this game will materialize. However, there might be a chance of encountering it for mobile browser play, although such availability isn’t assured. Locating a mobile-friendly iteration of this game could be inconsistent and uncertain.

Why you should play this online slot

If you’re seeking a game characterized by simplicity, ease of comprehension, and substantial payouts, we highly recommend trying your luck with a few spins on the Genies Gems online slot. Despite being a five-reel video slot, the game exudes a classic vibe.

We find it suitable for quick gaming sessions rather than prolonged play. Give the Genies Gem slot a try for the opportunity to win up to $50,000 in a single turn of its enchanting reels.

Where are the best places to play Genies Gems for real money?

Jackpot City

100% up to €1,600 Welcome Bonus

Spin Casino

100% up to €2,000 Welcome Bonus


€1000 Welcome Bonus

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