I want to start playing online casino. What should I know first?
Online Casino Basic Knowledge

How to start playing online casino? Choosing an online casino

Online casino advertisements are pouring in from everywhere: movies, streamer videos, articles, various banners and pop-ups. Casino partners work tirelessly, luring new people into gambling houses.

And people in search of freebies and thirst for profit, do not observe the basic rules of interaction with the casino reducing the already minimal chance to win and get money to zero. These are the rules and will talk about today.

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Choosing an online casino



The Megapari welcome bonus is limited to one bonus per customer, shared computer, family address, shared account of matching account details. The latter includes bank accounts, credit card, payment method and email address. You need to agree to receive the welcome bonus, this can be done via the My Account section or the Deposit page.




welcome bonus is a gift from the service that has been given away to all new customers without restrictions. Usually, it consists of virtual money and (or) free bets. In this case, 22Bet’s welcome betting offer is a 100% bonus of up to 300 USD. This makes it the best bookmaker when it comes to the welcome offer.




Cashalot Casino: Welcome Bonus 200% up to 500€. The welcome bonus code is Cashalotbonus24. Min deposit: €10. Wager: x35 (D+B). Eligible customers will receive 200% up to 500€ (or equivalent to € in other currencies) on top of the deposited amount instantly upon entering the bonus code for this promotion. (only for the customer’s first-ever deposit to the website.)


On the Internet is possible to find hundreds of different online casinos. And 90% of them, without exaggeration, dubious institutions. In these online casinos can not win, or you will not be allowed to withdraw the money won. Owners of such establishments allow partners black ways to attract traffic: spam, various schemes to beat the game, fake streams for funk and much more.

So, the first rule, if you see a screaming advertisement of another gambling house, do not rush to register immediately. Enter the name of this institution in the search and carefully read the reviews. Reviews should be sought not on websites (where articles are written to order with affiliate links), but on specialized forums. Find them quite possible (blog TTR about casinos, forum ludomaniacs, casino forum, etc.).

Second, evaluate the term of the online casino. For example, opened a new institution, and the owners may have wanted to work honestly. But not withstanding the competition and having low traffic, they go to the standard schemes: to throw players and not pay out winnings. Therefore, ideally, the casino should work for a long time and have a reputation.

Conclusions: If you are not lazy and study the reviews and material on the houses of gambling, it is possible to save a small chance of winning by registering in honest and trusted establishments. Not following the above rules, there is a high risk of running into scammers and stay penniless.

Is it necessary to take freespins and deposit bonuses?

Let’s imagine that the online casino is chosen correctly. Most establishments have free freespins and deposit bonuses, accrued as a gift, for various actions. How to be with them?


Freespins are free spins in certain slots given for registering or making a deposit.  It looks like a freebie, but it is not. The winnings from freespins must be wagered with a huge wager (20-45 or more).

The wager is the amount of bets a player can withdraw after. I will show clearly on a few examples.

  1. A player made a deposit of 1,000 dollars and activated 20 freespins with a bet of 20 dollars per spin. Started playing and won from freespins 5 000 dollars. The player has 6000 dollars in his account, he tries to withdraw them, but receives a message that it is necessary to win back the wager on winnings from freespins equal to x20. 5 000 dollars multiplied by 20 get 100 000 dollars. So the player has 6000 dollars in his account, but to withdraw them need to make bets in slots totaling 100k dollars. Further standard situation, the player tries to win back the wager and drains the entire balance.
  2. Player made a deposit of 1000 dollars, refused freespins and began to play on their own. Won 6,000 dollars. The wager does not need to wager and he quietly withdraws the money to his account.

Deposit bonuses

Almost all online casinos give deposit bonuses. What it means. The player deposits money into the account, and the casino gives him additional bonus money depending on the conditions (100, 150, 200, 300 percent on deposit, etc.) The highest wagers and restrictions apply here. Let’s look at an example.

The player deposited 1000 dollars into the account, and activated the deposit bonus. He was credited an additional 2 000 dollars and his balance became 3000 dollars. He wins 10 000 dollars and wants to withdraw them. But it is impossible to withdraw, according to the rules, the player must win back the wager x30 bonus + deposit.

3 000 dollars multiply by 30 and get 90 000 dollars. That is, the player needs to make bets for 90k dollars, and only then he will be able to withdraw money from the balance on his account.  Further everything is standard, the player tries to win back the wager and drains the entire balance.

Conclusions: As you can see from the examples, when activating free spins and deposit bonuses, players reduce the already low chances of a positive balance and withdrawal. Never take freespins and bonuses, it’s just a clever ploy by online casinos to squeeze money.

Choosing an online casino
Choosing an online casino

Age and identification

All gambling establishments do not allow minors to play. And when withdrawing money you will most likely need to send a document confirming your identity. Therefore, if you are not 18 years old, you should not play, you will definitely not get the money.

Identification is a mandatory attribute of a normal casino. May require a passport, passport photo at the person or pass video identification. If you are not ready to send an unknown site your personal data – do not play, money as well will not get.


Online casinos cause a strong addiction. The more often you play, the greater the chance of becoming a ludomaniac and lose absolutely everything, both your own and someone else’s.

Therefore, if you decide to try your luck, went to the casino and all drained, you need to stop there and stop. And do not try to win back. This is likely to fail, and will only increase spending. If luck smiled and was a big win, the more should not play further in the hope of winning more. You will lose everything.

Best real money online gambling sites – USA, Europe, UK, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Portugal, Africa

Listed below are the top five brands that we have selected. As we said above, each of these brands has gone through our selection process and we assure you that these brands are reliable.

  • Ignition Casino – Overall the best digital gambling sites out there
  • Bovada – An outstanding American sports gambling site
  • CafeCasino – A combination of a real online casino and a betting site
  • BitStarz – recommended gambling site for real money gambling
  • 7BitCasino – Frequently used digital gambling sites for new players


Online casinos – this is primarily entertainment. Do not look for an answer to the question “how to make money on online casinos” or “how to win at online casinos”. Treat the game with pleasure, not as a job. If you feel that you get too carried away – stop playing.

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